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Reduce, reuse, recycle-use electronic tickets, recycle papers and bottles wherever possible, and avoid using containers made of styrofoam. Refillable water bottles and rechargable batteries both efficiently conserve expendable resources.

Be thoughtful in your purchases. Take care not to buy souvenir objects made from trees in old-growth or endangered forests, such as teak, or items made from endan gered species, like ivory or tortoise-shell jewelry. Ask whether products are made from renewable resources.

Buy from local enterprises, such as street vendors. In developing countries and low- income neighborhoods, many people depend on the informal economy to make a living.

Be an on-the-road-philanthropist. If you are inspired by the natural environment of a destination or enriched by its culture, join in preserving their integrity by making a charitable contribution to a local organization.

Spread the word. Upon your return home, tell friends and colleagues about places to visit that will benefit greatly from their tourist dollars, and reward sustainable enter-prises by recommending their sen/ices. Travelers can not only introduce friends to particular vendors but also to local causes and charities that they might choose to support when they travel.

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