Right now we’re Gothenburg Sweden. I want Gracie to stop here for food and.

I want to point out something that. I’m nervous about gotta expect that everybody here is really spiced. And population everybody here looks really the like white high top proper shoes, it’s really weird amazing though weird stop saving those feet welcome to Stockholm Sweden we are in our last stop here in Scandinavia.

SWEDISH PIRATE SHIPS Stockholm Sweden Photo Gallery

I just figured. I was gonna wear my yellow dress today. I figure, it’s very Swedish.

I don’t know why cuz, it’s yellow sure why not just a look at town hall here this morning two little sightseeing tour once again welcome here into the city of Stockholm and. I will be a guide this sort of last about 45 minutes. And the City Hall of stuff from spills between 1911.

And 1923 when the City Hall was built it was meant to have three functions. And still has three functions today first of all it is approached the building 200 people are working in here for the city of Stockholm and, this is where the City Council of Stockholm has their meetings secondly, this is a big banquet hall we have about 300 events in here each year that me is almost one event per day. And last, but not least, this is a beautiful visitors it was very important to the architect that the building would be open to that, you could come here have a look at the architecture maybe come back one day.

And still Sweden, it’s counter, it’s cold 12. So, you might wonder how to heating a building like this if you look above the door, you can see that my hot air is let out, but, this is the only room where they couldn’t afford to cover it up otherwise it happened behind furniture art. So, you can’t see it right now we are in the vast museum and, you can see behind me and, this is the Vasa built in the 1628 it is basically thank, you thank, you for correcting me there.

I just read that apply it they see the Swedish version of Titanic because on its maiden voyage it sunk about 300 meters off the coast in the harbor here in Stockton. And now just surviving they have obviously recovered it 333 years later in 1961 and, this is 95 percent original chef 95 percent of it is the original chef pretty impressive right, it’s impressive right gents, it’s alright okay. I guess that’s what does look like this louis post looked like it didn’t work because it was too tall.

And toon long. And narrow like he wasn’t going to nuff. I feel like, you mean the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, it’s tougher there’s no or light of blue which is a disappointing, but that’s okay Oh.

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