Well my friends in my various experiences traveling abroad.

I have had my fair share of both gaining. And losing weight while traveling here are some of the reasons why they happen plus some tips. And advice for, you if you are concerned about this sort of thing, you know your body.


And health. And health reasons why we gain weight when we travel excuses you’re on vacation indulge now what. I say to, this is yes there is indulging on vacations, but there is also indulging.

And some people just kind of take this excuse. And they go crazy with it. And that’s like their excuse to eat everything in sight um, this is very surefire way to gain weight eat everything in sight excuse you’ll work it off when, you get home a lot of times when people get home from vacation they have.

So much work that they need to catch up on that they don’t actually have time to work out because they just took a vacation. So make sense that they wouldn’t really have time the best tip. I can give, you is to walk walk everywhere every time, you see opportunity to walk instead of taking a bus or a cab do it because that’s an easiest way to like burn calories.

So if you’re traveling abroad and, you don’t want to gain weight guys don’t make excuses don’t use these excuses the dot excuses they’re just excuses well. I guess that actually makes sense what they are alcohol. And beverages generally when, you are vacationing, you end up drinking a lot more um, you drink cocktails or wines or beers or soda pops pops fizzy drinks whatever, you call them.

And those are liquid calories that add up really really quickly cream butter bread. And oil fat sugar. And salt try to avoid these they’re in a lot of foods.

And they will not help, you with your your quest to lose weight or not gain weight. So when, you are traveling, you are eating out generally quite a bit. And the restaurants, you go to will most likely serve large portions, this is probably more food than, you would normally have if you were cooking for yourself be cautious of restaurant portion size or my number one tip is to share if.

I’m travel to someone else and We’ll split a meal because what you’re gonna say money for splitting a meal. And two, you probably only realistically need half a meal anyway okay.

So those were pretty common, but now let’s talk about reasons why, you lose weight when, you travel. So if you have a dietary restriction life as a traveler is going to be a little bit challenging unfortunately the world is not as accommodating as we would like it to be, you know maybe eventually um to people with dietary restrictions or allergies. I know this firsthand as.

I have one of my own if you’re in a region that is harder to cater to, you are most likely going to end up losing weight because they’re not going to be a lot of options for, you to eat won’t mean there will be food to eat, it’s just going to be a little bit more challenging to find next is illness um because yeah happens like literally happens Oh plus, it’s other friend the stars with the V. So illness is will will most likely lead to losing weight just it just happens water weight um now this might not be a permanent weight thing, but, you do lose a lot of water weight because when, you were in a hot country, you are going to be sweating a lot there’s a lot of sweat that’s gonna come for your body. And sweat its water that’s leaving you.

So hence the losing of the water weight just make sure you’re drinking as well because, you know that’s not really healthy, you know for weight loss just saying doing things um when, you are traveling, you are most likely going to be doing a lot of different activities there are a lot of amazing fun crazy outdoor. And indoor active activities. And those burn calories, you are burning calories while doing something fun.

So if you doing a lot of those then naturally yeah you’re gonna lose some weight being on the go that’s part of traveling when, you are traveling, you are on the go. And things are going. And you’re going.

And sometimes, you don’t have time to sit down have a proper meal or your meal times get really really messed up. I know this happens to me quite a bit where. I don’t help like, it’s.

I’m just eating a weird hours when your meal time girls messed up. And you’re not having proper meals you’re gonna end up losing a bit weight there, you go. I hope that like help clarify answer some of your questions, you might be wondering about like weight gain loss when, you travel.

I have genuinely experienced all of those um both the gaining. And the losing side. And yeah now.

I’m just me. We’ll save thank you. So much for reading this.

And now. I’m curious um about, you like when, you take trips or when, you travel do, you end up on average gaining weight or do, you end up losing weight or you’d say the same or do, you don’t actually know because, you don’t really keep track. So yeah.

I want to know down below let me know in the comments. So that’s all and I will see, you in a few days time with another post bye.

So, this is my draw my life hey kneading thus me hi. ?

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