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Life is difficult for most people but starting your own traveling business is no easy task. Well, I suppose no business is easy to start unless you inherit a running concern or you are wealthy, although, that is just my opinion.

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However, I would like to tell you more about our traveling business. You see, this friend of mine has never truly traveled, not even in her own country. Yes, I know, how can we then want to start a business we know nothing about? Well, this was the main reason she wanted to start the business for, for people that are like her who have never really traveled.

Her aim was to assist people with low incomes to travel the world and even their own countries at affordable rates. I admired her for this and agreed to become a partner in her business. So, what was our first step? We needed to sit down with someone who could help us with business planning, as well as all the financial aspects.

This was the easy part as I work for a firm that specializes in business needs where finances and planning are required. So, I spoke to my boss about the idea and what we had in mind. He was glad to assist us, yet, she would have to come through for the initial meeting.

She was just as excited by the news as I was, but she has never flown and was petrified by this. I told her to not think about it and suggested she get a mild sleeping tablet from her doctor. She could not take these before she got on the plane though, so she would still have to board which she was sure she wouldn’t be able to do. I then told her to bring someone along, her brother, mother or father, someone who could be there to assist her.

However, she contacted me later that day to tell me that no one was able to make it. Thus, I flew through from New York and went to fetch her. As I came off the plane she was standing there in the airport terminal all smiles. I didn’t take any luggage as I was not planning on staying. We had about 2 hours to kill before our flight back and decided to grab a quick lunch.

When the time came we got her luggage on and headed for the boarding terminal. I did not realize that people could have such strong fears until that day, that moment. As we got closer to the boarding gates her legs seemed to get heavy as she dragged them more and more. I took her hand and told her to relax, all will be fine but I could feel her fear as she started to squeeze my hand tighter and tighter. They also seemed to be sweaty and I realized her fear was very much real.

I took out the bottle of water I always carry on me and told her to take a couple of big sips, and then to try to slow down her breathing. We eventually got to the gate and handed the attendant our boarding passes. By this time, I seemed to be dragging her along and people were staring at us strangely but at least we were getting on.

As soon as we were seated which felt like it took forever, I ordered us some water and told her to have a sleeping tablet. By the time the plane took off she was in a calm sleep and I was glad.
I waited until the plane had completely stopped and not just landed before I woke her. Most of the passengers had already left and this was a good thing as I have never seen someone get off a plane as quickly as she did. I actually thought she might even kiss the ground outside, but luckily she didn’t.

We got my car from the parking garage and headed home to prepare for our meeting with my boss the next morning.

We were up and ready way too early the next morning but I suspect it was due to all the excitement. Once we got to work I introduced her to my co-workers and my boss. He took us into his office and our meeting started. First, we took turns to explain the concept and ideas we had in mind. Once we were done with our part he explained that we had a couple of holes in our plan but he could assist us as our idea was a good one.

Firstly, we needed to have a solid business plan, then we needed to look at what finances we had and if we would need more, so financial planning was our next step. Once this was all in place, we would need to look at operations, management and a lot of other things before we could even start.

After everything was said that needed to be said about the business side of this little escapade he asked one final question. He wanted to know how her flight was and if she actually enjoyed it. She smiled and nodded her head even though she slept through it all. But she did say that she felt less terrified and would not be taking sleeping tablets with her return flight as long as I went back with her. At this, we all just laughed.

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