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The following is text from that brochure. NOTHING has a Los Angeles Map more direct tendency to advance the happiness and glory of a community than the founding of public schools Los Angeles Map and seminaries of learning for education of youth, and adorning their minds with useful knowledge and virtue.

Hereby, the rude and ignorant are civilized and rendered human; persons who would otherwise be useless members of society are qualified to sustain with honor the offices they may be invested with for the public service reverence of the Deity, filial piety, and obedience to the laws are inculcated and promoted.

The sciences have nowhere flourished with more success than in our mother country. The universities and seminaries of Learning in England and Scotland are annually sending abroad into the Kingdom proficients in all kinds of literature; men of refined sentiments, solid judgments, and noble principles, who spread if the expression may be allowed a kind of literary glory over the British nation.

Country remained, during a long period, in the thickest darkness of ignorance and barbarism, till Christianity, at the introduction of the Europeans, enlightened her hemisphere with the salutary beams of life and immortality.

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