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2005 Cleveland Ave.

The success of the Atherton Cotton Mills depended on its workers: men, women, and children who worked for low wages and often labored for up to 12 hours each day, six days a week. In 1896, 300 people worked in the mills and lived in the mill village with their families. Of the 50 mill houses that were built along Euclid, Tremont, and Cleveland Avenues, the Atherton Mill House is the only one that remains; it is now a private residence. The one-story frame house is typical of the design of mill houses in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. D. A. Tompkins, the owner of the Atherton Cotton Mills, ordered the houses to be built without closets, bathrooms, or hot water because, he believed, his workers were from rural areas and weren’t accustomed to modern improvements that were found in other mill villages. Often, several families lived in the same house and mill hands were charged 75 cents to $1 per month for a room The location of the mill village on the outskirts of town was common because it allowed mill owners and supervisors to keep tabs on workers outside of their work hours.

When a dead person is brought to the burial place, Best place to travel in Hawaii the speaker on the opposite side of the Council Fire shall bid the bereaved family cheer their minds Best place to travel in Hawaii once again and rekindle their hearth fires in peace, to put their house in order and once again be in brightness for darkness has covered them. He shall say that the black clouds shall roll away and that the bright blue sky is visible once more. Therefore shall they be in peace in the sunshine again. 117. Three strings of shell one span in length shall be employed in addressing the assemblage at the burial of the dead. The speaker shall say: Hearken you who are here, this body is to be covered. Assemble in this place again ten days hence for it is the decree of the Creator that mourning shall cease when ten days have expired. Then shall a feast be made.

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