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Globalization and Culture Singapore and Jan Aart Sholte’s Globalization: A critical introduction (2000). In these, the emphasis is largely on European and North American perspectives. Re-imagining the City allows for a multi-faceted exploration of the diverse interactions of globalization through a range of examples from the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia, alongside Europe.

From the 1990s, some seminal texts on globalization appeared, most notably Anthony Giddens’ series on BBC, Globalisation (1999); The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open society endangered by George Soros (1998); Arjun Appadurai’s Modernity at Large: Cultural dimensions of globalization (1996); Paul Hirst and Grahame Thompson’s Globalization in Question: The international economy and the possibilities of governance (1996); The Rise of the Network Society, Manuel Castells (1996); Roland Robertson’s Globalization, Social Theory and Global Culture (1992); and works by Mike Featherstone, including, Undoing Culture: Globalization, postmodernism and identity (1995), Cultural Theory and Cultural Change (1992) and Global Culture: Nationalism, globalization & modernity (1990).

F Fall line. 1 The geological feature that forms a Singapore Subway Map boundary between an upland region and a coastal plain, across which rivers from the upland region drop Singapore Subway Map to the plain as falls or rapids. 2 The low, east-facing cliff that parallels the Atlantic coastline from New Jersey to the Carolinas. Fealty. 1 In the feudal system, the obligation of the tenant or vassal to be faithful to his lord. 2 The special oath by which this obligation was assumed.

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