So right now.

I’m here at Lovebox festival right in the centre of London capturing everything that makes UK music festival. So special British Airways is giving us music fans a new way to access insider information on the rising stars of the British music scene with the launch of its be a listen up platform from exclusive music partnerships. And live performances to behind the scenes interviews.


And insider guides using British Airways is showing off all the ways that, you can discover the new influences shaping for including music culture. So one of the things, you can look forward to at a UK music then there’s fashions very 70s. I can see, you in there it’s.

So just picking up some festival jewelry guys all pumped up. And decorated, it’s really cool are. I fellas food a mixture both British.

And international cuisine plus plenty of creative cocktail bars mixing up some very British drinks such as a Pimm’s Cup. And London favorite gin. And tonic plenty of fun rides.

And unique experiences to take part it when you’re not dancing away to music VIP areas for those looking for a bit more comfort at even more exclusive experiences then of course live performances for the south of the UK’s brightest talent Plus after parties place in some iconic one it forms budget such as village underground UK music festivals give, you a lively welcoming environment to experience artists in genres of music, you might not have heard before if they weren’t supported by festivals. And program likelet’s enough. I know.

I had a really great time made some new print. And pick up a few favorite artists myself thank you so much for reading this post if you’ve ever been to a UK music festival please let me know down in the comments below.

And if you haven’t. I encourage, you all to go out. And experiencing these accessible for yourself.

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