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BLM LANDS IN Boston This state has an incredible 90,000,000 acres of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) or public domain lands, far more than any other state, consisting of many separate tracts. Access is often difficult, frequently requiring charter plane. Aside from a few campgrounds there are virtually no facilities.

On the BLM lands in this state there are high mountains, vast stretches of open tundra, forested areas, and six National Wild and Scenic Rivers. Common wildlife includes caribou, moose, bear, Dali sheep, and wolverine.

Of special interest is the 1,200,000-acre Steese National Conservation Area, and also the 1,000,000-acre White Mountains National Recreation Area, Alaska’s only National Recreation Area.

1776 In January, British ships appear off the coast of Boston Map Tourist Attractions Georgia. Fearing that Wright might conspire with naval officers, the Council of Safety orders him arrested Boston Map Tourist Attractions and confined to Savannah. In February, Wright slips away from his captors, fleeing to the protection of the British navy. His departure completes the transfer of power in Georgia from the British authorities to the colonists. Andrew C. Lannen Maryland Prior to the Arrival of Europeans The native population of the area that will become Maryland is hard to determine. Conservative estimates place the number at around 10,000. Most of the region’s Native Countrys speak languages related to Algonquian, but the Susquehanna speak a language similar to those of the Five Nations of the Iroquois. The Western Shore tribes include the Doeg, the Mattawoman, and the Patuxent. During the era of European colonization, most of these will fall under the jurisdiction of the Piscataway. The Eastern shore also is home to the sizable towns of the Nanticoke.

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