1500 The Juan de la Cosa map of the world (1500) indicates that John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto), the only explorer sailing the North American coast at that time under the British flag, may have coasted as far south as Cape Hatteras around 1498.

1572 Pedro Menendez de Aviles, Spanish governor of Florida, explores Chesapeake Bay.

1750s Francisco de Miranda, a Venezuelan who later became one of that country’s patriots during the independence struggle against Spain, plays a key role in obtaining supplies for the French admiral de Grasse, who then sailed to the Chesapeake Bay to help the Americans to capture Yorktown, Virginia.

1776 Maryland Convention delegates declare independence from Great Britain on July 4.

1960 With the outbreak of the Cuban Revolution, many Cuban exiles begin

to settle in Maryland, along the DC metro area. Many Latin American political exiles trying to escape a new wave of dictatorships throughout Latin America settle in Maryland.

1970s Economic crises and political instability in Central America increase

Central American migrants in Maryland’s DC metro area.

1979 The Salvadoran civil war and the Nicaraguan revolution contribute

to the increase of these two Latino groups around Maryland’s DC metro area.

1980s The years of the 1980s witness the largest wave of Latino migrants to

Maryland. Between 1980 and 1990 the Latino population of Maryland rose by 93 percent, to more than 125,000.

1985 CASA de Maryland Inc., the largest Latino and migrant service and advocacy organization, is founded.

1986 The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is founded, reflecting the increasing presence of Latinos in the business sector of the state and the purchasing power of this group.

1995 The Latino population in Maryland reaches 172,000.

2000 Statewide Latino groups form the Maryland Latino Coalition for Justice, an advocacy organization that scored various legislative victories, such as the legislation that requires state agencies to translate essential documents to Spanish.

2000-2005 The Latino population experiences the largest percentage growth of all ethnic groups in Maryland.

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