Atlanta Subway Map

Just ahead was a stairway to the upper floors. Left was the entrance to a narrow barroom. The bar’s overall appearance could best be described as old-time hip. Its decor is very much like it might have been in the early 1900s. The turn-of-the-century look is offset by a few modern features, like the long shuffleboard table resting along one wall and an assortment of hanging promotional banners highlighting the latest brews.

To the right of the main lobby is another open area, once the hotel’s dining room. It is now the bar’s game room with a couple of pool tables setup and ready for play.

Matt and Melanie Moyer, founders of Michigan Paranormal Investigators were heading this case. They were already huddling with their team members organizing equipment for tonight’s investigation.

Matt Moyer (L), Co-founder of Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigators, discussing the evenings equipment setup with team member, John (R).

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