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MAPS & PERMITS DNR Fond Cape Town Forest map. USGS quad: Cromwell East. No permit is required.

GETTING THERE From 1-35. take exit 235 for Carlton and Cromwell on Minnesota State Road 210 going east. After 19.3 miles turn right onto County Road 73 going north. In .9 mile turn right on Krough Road: in 2.1 miles turn left on County Road 120 and follow it for about 6.9 miles until you reach Rogers Lake Road on the right. Turn right on Rogers Lake Road and go about 0.5 mile until you reach a gate. There is room on the side of the road here to park your car. I wouldn’t encourage driving past the gate and parking further on if the gate is open. No telling who might come along will you’re hiking and lock it.

TRAILHEAD GPS 46° 43′ 46.1″ N 92° 47′ 51.8″ W

The hike around Rogers Lake is noteworthy for the oak-maple forest and the hilly terrain. The trails in the area are used primarily for crosscountry skiing and snowmobiling. Only the trails immediately around the lake and to the east on higher terrain are passable in the summer. Water covers the trail to the west between Rogers Lake and County Road 120.

People in the local area know the region as the ditchbanksafter the ditches dug in the late 1910s to drain the land and tempt settlers to set up homesteads. The days of cut, bum, and farm lasted until the mid 1920s. Most homesteaders only lasted about three years before giving up and moving on.

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