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We are leaving like atitlán now, and listens travelling with us it’s poppy she’s going to yay just gotten into Antigua into our hotel which has more beds than I think we need really cute here, and we’re really tired, and starving.

So we’re gonna go, and get some food this is the roof of the hotel that I got which is pretty cool, and that right there no wait there is a volcano we didn’t see it erupting or anything sadly. But yeah Hey guys I am here in Antigua the guy in the shop that I just walked past is like oh good morning. So yeah I mean Antigua Guatemala right now, and it is really really beautiful I really like it here thanks for all of your suggestions about where to go here the people that commented maybe, I’ll check some of those things out. But thank you over here for that long. So, I’m not really sure how much you’ll get to do what do you think of the city it’s awesome it’s all really old South buildings, and them when you look inside it’s all modern. Because there was a huge earthquake here when seventeen hundreds, and it knocked down all these buildings, and they didn’t really prepare them on the outside. But then in the inside they’re like beautiful.

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So really cool, and they actually won’t let them redo the building Dorotea we’re going to walk around, and explore you’ve just stumbled into this kind of art gallery marketplace type of things so much stuff in here can all of these masks they go on. So cool just had the best best taco of my life no good if you are in mpeg-1 then you should come to this place called the top cool with two O’s you need to come here papi, and I are here in gorgeous cafe editing some posts, and all of the places here are so beautiful inside it looks like somewhere from Paris gorgeous Hey guys from Mt way it’s early in the morning, and there’s pretty much no one else, and it’s so beautiful the city I have to go cars are coming behind me is another of the beautiful churches they’re so pretty here you know I am really really loving, and he was more than I even thought that I would I just think that it’s so beautiful, and it’s really colorful in colonial I just really loved it, and then also something I noticed is that unlike other touristy towns people are not like here trying to pressure you into buying all of these things kind of just really friendly, and more relaxed, and the town just has such a cool atmosphere about it. So, I’m really glad that we stopped here on our way to our next country which you’ll see soon oh yeah it’s a really really cool place, and everybody kind of told us when we were about to come here that it was going to be expensive. But it was actually not that cheap when we were staying on like atitlán it was more expensive than living in Mexico, and here it’s pretty cheap like we went to a market, and we got lots of food for like under a dollar not all the foods. But different I was like papi, and I are walking, and trying to retrace our steps, and find this crepe place that we saw yesterday, and it’s really funny. Because we’re wandering around looking back at photos that we took yesterday trying to like retrace our steps hey guys hope that you enjoyed my post of Antigua I wasn’t really here for that long. But the city is really.

So beautiful, and it’s made me love Guatemala even more I actually really want to come back here one day, and just spend some more time. Because we pretty much just had two short days. So the next destination that we are going to is really exciting it’s still in Central America, and you’ll see exactly where. But it’s kind of in a remote farm location, and kind of the jungle, and mountains you can guess where it is if you want. But you’ll see in the next post will probably be a really short post. But I hope you liked it, and see you in my next location bye thanks Rocky.

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