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With the Civil War, the town’s growth came to a temporary halt. New Yorkers were markedly unenthusiastic about 15

Ghosts of millions of immigrants haunt deserted quarantine station, Ellis Island in New York harbour. the Union cause, and the draft law providing for a $300 exemption fee met with ferocious opposition from the foreign-born working class. In July 1863. three days of rioting resulted in upwards of 500 deaths. After the war, the boom continued unabated to the end of the century. It gave rise to unprecedented corruption on a vast scale and to wild property speculation. Financiers Jay Gould and Jim Fisk cornered the gold market, ruining half of Wall Street on Black Friday in September 1869. Boss Tweed of the Tammany Hall political organization ran New York with his cohorts and managed to fleece the city of something like $200 million. Many great fortunes were made more or less honestly. The Vanderbilts constructed the railroads, and the Morgans, the banking tycoons, amassed fabulous art collections in an effort to gain acceptance among the old families. This same period saw the foundation of the Metropolitan Museum, the Natural History Museum and the public libraries.

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