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Munich is an economic center. Who knows that Munich is Germany’s largest industrial city? A number of large industrial corporations are located here. They all draw many young and dynamic people to Munich. Munich is a city of the mass media. There are five daily papers for Munich only, not to mention a number of weeklies or publications covering specific topics. All the editor’s offices of the great German newspapers or magazines have their branches here. A wealth of magazines is produced here and a larger number of publishing houses have their seat in Munich. Since the admission of private TV and radio stations in Germany, 7 TV stations and 17 radio stations have been established in Munich. And due to its Bavaria Film Studios Munich has always been famous as a film city. Moreover, there are 150 film and video production companies.

Munich is a congress and a trade fair city. Rotary & ASTA, the Eucharistic World Congress & Bauma, the World Energy Conference & the Fashion Week – to mention just a few examples. Munich is the perfect venue for congresses, conferences, trade fairs and also the catering trades provide excellent cuisine and service. This is reflected in more than 300 congresses, fairs and exhibitions every year which attract guests from all over the world. Munich is a city of art and culture. With its opera house, its theaters, cabarets, symphony orchestras, the city shows a truly astonishing range in cultural offerings.

The rulers of Bavaria always loved the fine arts. The numerous buildings commissioned by King Ludwig II in and around Munich constitute great tourist attractions -among them e. g. the Residenz (Treasure Chamber), Schlofi Schleifiheim and Nymp-henburg Palace (Gallery of Beautiful Women). Its famous symphony orchestras – like the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra – and hundreds of concerts performed at the Gasteig Cultural Center have made Munich a city of music. More than 50 museums with world-famous works (like by Rubens, modern and experimental art) and the .

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