Loh Dalum Phi Phi

Loh Dalum Bay is breathtakingly beautiful – almost totally enclosed, it has very shallow water that get gets warmed by the sun to almost the temperature of a bath! Silky soft white sand and turquoise water with a chorus of birdsong – all year round there are no waves.

Loh Dalum Phi Phi Photo Gallery

Head along the drive but then take a path, right, to reach the big car park. Cross it diagonally to the road into Newparks Farm which has an impressive collection of beasts and birds on view (there’s a list on a wall). There are also toilets. Go left round outside the farm, and cross paths to descend steps steeply to the Boyhouse Burn. Cross a footbridge and, left, is a fine old limekiln. Climb up to a meeting of paths, and take the second left, which soon joins a drive out to the B825, close to Bridge 49 – and just as close to Bridge 49 Cafe/Bistro. Continuing on the south side, from the back of the cafe/bistro follow a path by the palings/beech hedge. This passes abutments of a one-time railway and leads to the restored Slamannan (or Causewayend) Basin, where there are moorings for temporary or residential use. Coal was once transferred to barges here, the lines jutting out over the basin, so when the doors were opened, the coal fell straight into the barges. Bridge 50) the travel destination bank is rejoined for a delightful path along to Bridge 51.

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