West Germans spend more on international travel than people from any other country, including the U.S. Income from foreign visitors for 1981 was $6.3 billion; outgo was $17.8... Read more

Hamburg Subway Map

Overlooking Wurzburg is the fortress of Marienberg, the residence for the bishops before the Palace was built. The town itself is replete with pastry shops, tearooms and taverns.... Read more

Germany Subway Map

Wurzburg, a Franconian wine town, has been called a jewel box of the rococo. About an hour-and-a-half by train from Frankfort, it is also a great place to... Read more

Germany Map

Munich, Bavaria’s capital, is said to be every German’s favorite city. Its Oktoberfest is when the million and half “Muenchners” invite the rest of us to join them... Read more

Germany Metro Map

Berlin, as can be seen on the map, is deep inside another, unfriendly, country, the German Democratic Republic, popularly called East Germany. A major autobahn (superhighway) runs from... Read more

Frankfurt Map

Germany was a pioneer in building the superhighway. The first autobahn was built under Hitler during the 1930s. Theoretically the speed limit is eighty mph, but Germans let... Read more

Travel to Munich

Munich is an economic center. Who knows that Munich is Germany’s largest industrial city? A number of large industrial corporations are located here. They all draw many young... Read more

Map of Hanover

HANOVER The overcrowded area of Hanover (especially with the addition of the neighboring towns and rural communes) has a direct bearing on its economic significance. In this area... Read more

Map of Munich

Munich – a metropolis with heart, flair and the very special charm. Munich, the capital of the Free State of Bavaria and with a total population of 1.3... Read more

Travel to Hanover

SIGHTS The heart of the city at ‘Kropcke’ has completely changed with new urban buildings. The construction of the ‘Passerelle’ has finally resolved the problem of the 100... Read more