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Spend five days raging in Berlin’s chaotic nightclubs and recovering in the capital’s museums and cafes (4 days, 418). Move north, where Hamburg fuses port town burliness with cosmopolitan flair (2 days, 460), before admiring Germany’s greatest cathedral in Cologne (1 day, 472). Meander through Bonn (1 day, 477) and explore Germany’s oldest univer sity in Heidelburg (1 day, 486). Drool over Porsches and Mercedes-Benzes in ultramodern Stuttgart (1 day, 490), then relive your favorite Grimms’ fairy tales in the Black Forest (1 day, 490). Cross into Switzerland and enjoy medieval sights in Basel (1 day, 971) before stopping for pastries in Neuchatel (1 day, 995). Play world leader in Geneva (2 days, p. 987), shimmy over to capital city Bern (1 day, 968), and listen to jazz in Mon treaux (1 day, 994). Ogle the Matter horn from Zermatt (1 day, 986), and explore the Alps from Interlaken (2 days, 984). Take a train to the fairytale hamlet of Lucerne (1 day, 973) before tasting the nightlife in Zurich (1 day, 974). Skip over to Austria for skiing in Innsbruck (1 day, 110). Follow Mozart’s footsteps in Salzburg (2 days, 101), then take in the enormous charm of Vienna (3 days, 84). Head back into Germany to Munich (1 day, 492) for boisterous beer halls and a day trip to mad King Ludwig’s Castles (1 day, 503). Admire the scenery along the Romantic Road (2 days, 508), but save the last dance for Dresden (1 day, 448).


THE EURO. The official currency of 12 members of the EU-Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain-is now the euro. The currency has some important-and positive-consequences for travelers hitting more than one euro-zone country. First, money-changers across the euro-zone are obliged to exchange money at the official, fixed rate, and at no commission (though they may still charge a small service fee). Second, euro-denominated traveler’s checks allow you to pay for goods and services across the euro-zone, again at the official rate and com mission-free. At the time of printing, ‚1=US$1.093=CAD$1.513=AUS$1.707= NZ$1.911=ZAR7.992. For more info, check a currency converter site such as or

If you use traveler’s checks or bills, carry some in small denominations (the equivalent of US$50 or less) for times when you are forced to exchange money at disadvantageous rates, but bring a range of denominations since charges may be levied per check cashed. Store your money in a variety of forms; ideally, at any given time you will be carrying some cash, some traveler’s checks, and an ATM and/or credit card. All travelers should also consider carrying some US dollars (about US$50 worth), which are often preferred by local tellers.

For more info on currency and exchange rates, see individual country chapters.

One blind boy was playing a lute and singing. Many Travel from China to germany people paused to give them loose change. Beneath shady trees barbers were at work shaving men’s Travel from China to germany heads. The long moustaches are treated with gel and beards are combed to a point. Beyond them were sellers of silks, cottons, gaudy materials and scarves, and then food: meat kebabs, honey, nuts and dried fruit. I indulged in a slab of toffee-coated walnuts.

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