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You now approach South Stoke, heralded by some farm buildings Kuala Lumpur Map Tourist Attractions and a stern sign warning you to bear right beyond a flint wall. You do just that Kuala Lumpur Map Tourist Attractions , the track proceeding parallel with the wall to a metalled road. Turn left onto the road, very soon reaching a left fork. Take this fork, which begins as a metalled road but soon becomes a track which passes by the church of St Leonard, South Stoke. The church dates from the eleventh century and boasts a tall, wide nave and chancel but no other Norman details. The tower, however, is medieval, and perched on it is what is quaintly known as a Victorian witch’s hat spire.

When Allegan County investigators arrived, they found Mrs. Baldwin’s 35-year-old son, Elton, standing nearby, staring blankly at the body of his mother. When asked what happened, he shrugged and said someone must have come in the house while he was outside doing chores and killed her.

According to Elton’s story, he had gone out to do chores around 4:30 a.m. His mother called down that she would be up directly to fix breakfast. When he returned to the house an hour later all was quiet. That’s when he discovered her on the floor. There was blood staining her pillow and he heard her gasping breaths. Terrified, he locked up the house and went to a neighbor for help.

Elton was not an immediate suspect. Indeed, on first inspection it looked like the home had been ransacked. Drawers had been opened and clothes thrown everywhere. Deputies believed someone had come in looking for money. Their suspicions, however, turned to Elton as the investigation continued.

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