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Driving licenses

A visitor can drive in Britain on current International Driving Permit or on his or her current domestic driving license (which should be carried), subject to a maximum of 12 months from his or her last date of entry into Britain. Otherwise a British driving license must be obtained.

Speed limits

Unless signs indicate otherwise

70 miles per hour (113 kph) on motorways and dual carriageways.

60 miles per hour (97 kph) on single carriageways.

Seat belts

Although strongly recommended, it is not compulsory to wear a seat belt in the United Kingdom.


In the centers of many towns, parking on the street is allowed only at meters, on payment. Where a single continuous yellow line is painted parallel to the curb, parking is prohibited during the hours shown on the nearby time-plates. A double yellow line, or zig-zag marking near pedestrian crossings, prohibit parking at all times. Most towns have off street car parks; a charge is usually made.

From London history; the 1660s to the 1680s, the Yamasee were loosely associated with Spanish colonization in Florida. London Map hey did not participate to the same extent as other groups. The Yamasee avoided joining mission communities. They also resisted Spanish attempts to alter their culture and force them to pay tribute and labor obligations. The fact that the number of people considered to be Yamasees grew rapidly indicates that the group readily accepted refugees from neighboring communities. In the mid-1680s, the Yamasee emigrated en masse from Spanish Florida to just outside of Charles Town; at the time of their remove, they may have numbered in the thousands. The English colony at Carolina provided trade goods and firearms, which the Spanish friars were more reluctant to do. The English also had little interest in converting the Yamasee and did not hold their non-Christian status against them. The push factors also should not be overlooked: in the 1670s and 1680s, the Spanish made new attempts to draft Yamasee into their labor force and urged participation in mission life. Over time, the Yamasee became among Carolina’s staunchest Native Country allies. They participated in military actions alongside the Carolinians in 1702, 1704, and 1710. In 1702, Governor James Moore launched an attack on St. Augustine. Moore’s force of Yamasees, Creeks, and Apalachicolas destroyed the town but failed to take the stone fort.

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