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Cross straight over the road and through a gate where footpath Toledo Subway Map signposts point straight ahead and to the left. Take the path going straight ahead, then continue Toledo Subway Map across a track and up to a kissing gate. Pass through the gate then continue along a clear track and up some stone steps. At the top of the steps, simply keep walking straight ahead to the summit and forward to the triangulation point, with more magnificent views. Cissbury Ring is another Iron Age hill fort, the largest on the South Downs, surrounded by a ditch and rampart over a mile in circumference. It is believed that over 50,000 tons of boulders, chalk and soil would have had to be moved to construct the fort.

During our investigation of the residence, Bev and I must admit the atmosphere remained pleasant and completely benign. Nothing unusual or even remotely suspicious was felt or heard. Perhaps something would be discovered during audio review.

About thirty minutes later we met up with Lorena and her team. They had positioned cameras down the prison hallways and cellblocks, which were their main areas of video focus. Everyone was ready to go. Our group divided into two. Dawn, Jessica and Bev formed one team, Lorena and I the other. While Dawn, Jessica and Bev returned to the sheriff’s residence, Lorena and I settled on the third floor. This was the floor where the women and younger people were kept as well as solitary confinement and the cell called “the hole.”

Just as we were about to begin an EVP session, Lorena discovered she was missing a piece of equipment and headed downstairs to retrieve it. This left me alone for a few minutes.

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