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Province: Shandong Area: 222sq.km/86sq. miles Population: 370,000 (conurbation 8,000,000)

Yantai lies in the north-east of Shandong province, at 121°23’Eand37032’N. It is linked by ship with Shanghai, Qinhuangdao and Dalian, and by rail with Beijing, the provincial capital Jinan, Nanjing and Qingdao. Situation and Communications

The town owes its name of Yantai (Terrace of Smoke) to a watch-tower built in the second half of the 14th c, from where smoke signals once gave warning of approaching enemy ships. History


On the top ofthe mountain in the town centre stands a temple, built in the Yuan period (1271-1368) and dedicated to the Jade Emperor. This small mountain in the north of the town is washed by the sea on three sides. The above-mentioned watch tower was built on top of it in 1398, and a bundle of faggots was lit every time an enemy ship was spotted. Towards the end ofthe Qing dynasty (1644-1911) a light-house was erected nearby and still operates today. Mountain ofthe Jade Emperor (Yuhuang Ding) Mountain ofthe Terrace of Smoke (Yantaishan)


The Peninsula ofthe Magic Mushroom 9km/5’/2 miles north of the town juts out into the Yellow Sea. Records show that it was visited twice, in 219 and 200 B.C., by the Qin Emperor Shi Huangdi and once by the Han Emperor Wudi. Peninsula of the Magic Mushroom (Zhifu Dao)

This pavilion on Danya Hill, about 50km/30 miles north-west of Yantai, stands 15m/50ft high and was built in the middle ofthe 11th c. to commemorate the visits ofthe above-mentioned emperors. According to tradition, the Eight Immortal Taoists rested on this hill before commencing their long and arduous journey around the world. Under the canopy on the front of the pavilion hangs a wooden plaque with an inscription made by a famous calligrapher from the Qing period (1644-1911). Behind the pavilion stand several Taoist buildings, including the Palace of the Three Pure Ones (Sanqing Dian), the Palace of Lu Dongbing (Lu Zu Dian), the Palace ofthe Queen of Heaven (Tianhou Gong) and the Palace of the Dragon King (Longwang Gong). As well as being of interest from an artistic and architectural point of view, this place will also imbue the visitor with a deep sense of magic and mystery. Penglai Pavilion (Penglai Ge)

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