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Hethcoats, who I had heard was a very fine Gentleman Nagoya Map Tourist Attractions . From hence we come to Hors Neck, where wee Baited and they told me that one Nagoya Map Tourist Attractions Church of England parson officiated in, all these three towns once every Sunday in turns throughout the Year; and that they all could but poorly maintaine him, which they grudg’d to do, being a poor and quarelsome crew as I understand by our Host; their Quarelling about their choice of Minister, they chose to have none But caused the Government to send this Gentleman to them.

Here wee took leave of York Government, and Descending the Mountainos passage that almost broke my heart in ascending before, we come to Stamford, a well compact Town, but miserable meeting house, wch we passed, and thro’ many and great difficulties, as Bridges which were exceeding high and very tottering and of vast Length, steep and Rocky Hills and precipices, Buggbears to a fearful female travailer.

About nine at night we come to Norrwalk, having crept over a timber of a Broken Bridge about thirty foot long, and perhaps fifty to ye water. I was exceeding tired and cold when we come to our Inn, and could get nothing there but poor entertainment, and the impertinant Bable of one of the worst of men, among many others of which our Host made one, who, had he bin one degree Impudenter, would have outdone his Grandfather. And this I think is the most perplexed night I have yet had.

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