Denver Metro Map

Denver Metro Map

Observe how much of the wine adheres to the sides of Denver Metro Map the glass. If lines called legs are visible, the wine is viscous, indicating body or Denver Metro Map weight as well as a high alcohol content. Now, tip the glass to about a 45-degree angle, take a short sniff, and concentrate on the aromas. Swirl the wine again to aerate it, releasing additional aromas. Take another sniff and see if the bouquet reminds you of anything rose petals, citrus fruit, or a freshly ironed pillowcase, for example that will help you identify the aroma. Finally, take a sip and swirl the wine around your tongue, letting your taste buds pick up all the flavors.

The wine may remind you of honey or cherries or mint as with the nosing, try to make as many associations as you can. Then spit the wine into the bucket on the counter. Afterward, notice how long the flavor stays in your mouth; a long finish is the ideal. If you don’t want another taste, just pour the wine remaining in your glass into the bucket and move on. Remember, the more you spit or pour out, the more wines you can sample. The next level of wine tasting involves guided tastings and food-and-wine pairings.

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