Money guys morning everyone we have a surprised yes we have a surprise you ready she survived she’s alive she’s feeling I feel a lot better yeah, I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday yeah good she got some antibiotics, and she had a really good sleep last night. So she is up for going up today luckily the place that we’re going to our big hiking places I think you can like yeah it’s just like walking cut anyway we’re going down to breakfast now, and then we will head off to absolute Canyon yeah the sky is out blue oh it’s not that again this guy’s not blue which means there’s no more rain which means we can go to all the canyons. So we’re going to all of the canyon, I’m all of them we’re going to Antelope Canyon Horseshoe Bend, and Grand Canyon. So this is gonna be good day, I’m glad that we are doing it today instead of doing it yesterday. Because yesterday we could barely see anything. So, I’m very excited whew I apologize in advance for the very long blog even though know how long it’s gonna be.


But I will be long hi guys. So we got through the canyon, and we try to Google as much as possible. But there’s no information on how to get in how much it costs. So we were lining up for about half an hour on the like last 2 or 3 o’clock last 2 or 3 o’clock, and we were like worried that that’s even lucky to jump man we got here to live in by the way, and we still gonna have to wait till 3, and then we got to the front of the line, and said we had some cancellations for 12:00 we’re leaving in like five minutes, and we’re like yes yes give us the tickets tell them how much it is if they want oh yeah. So it’s 40 dollars you have to come here by guide, and then get to pay eight dollars to like park on the land. So like 48 we just arrived in Antelope Canyon anything you, and May yeah you we’re now right in the middle of the canyon, and it is incredible it just like photos going to adjust it yeah it’s amazing 120 feet down at the main oh wow there’s mr. photographer wait a minute do you love it though every corner is every time we turn a new corner wheeler ah no more photo, I’m going to sing that two weeks ago in the stands I’d love to hear the melts all the way down to yeah they say she said it always changes.

Because of the water that they gave her my god. So this is a photo spot apparently that’s the devil. So that’s the horns, and the chin, and then when you flip it Charlie is Jesus walking through now is it’s called the fire and, I’ll show you on the other footage. But it pretty much looks as it’s coming through that there’s a flame that you’re walking through. So cool how these others shape this way, and it’s like oh no it feels like sandy. But nothing’s coming off, and this box is coming up now is called away. So like in the 90s the National Geographic our person took a photo, and sold it’s like National Geographic all over I think it probably put the Antelope Canyon on the map not 100% sure.

So don’t quote me on that. But they call it the million dollar shot. Because it was just on every single magazine you hi guys we made it to the end of the tunnel on an amazing quarter-mile war, and then it’s just a desert okay like I wonder how they found this like as it’s literally just on the way, and I was trying to point out saying oh is it that Canyon that Kenya, and then we just came up to this bit wouldn’t have guessed. But it was incredible, I’m so glad okay this is like the best natural places I visited, I’m still learning else it was it was a la bucket lid – knock it off there’s like in my top five things I’ve always wanted to see it was worth I honestly think that we came at the best time is now this Canyon is pitch black flower we literally got the the best time slot, I’m so going that is a completely different experience. So guys tip if you want to come twelve o’clock I think is the best time to do is you get the line shots coming through a lot of the canyon is lit up. So it’s red put that on your bucket list no questions asked have to come at 12:00 you have to get Lila. Because she is the excellent tour guide alright we’ve just left Antelope Canyon, and now we’re heading to Page for some lunch.

Because we are starving it is currently around 1:40 p.m. after lunch we’re then going to go to Horseshoe Bend, and then we go to make our way to the Grand Canyon really cool stuff. So we came for lunch we got some subway, and then we saw this fish, and chips tour good Nemo’s finding in gyms look really good though look at that finally some good chips yes is it weird that I put pepper on my chips we just arrived at Horseshoe Bend, and it looks like we’re at the beach cuz in Australia are these big um sand dunes, and then on the other side there’s a beach. So it looks like we’re walking to the beach excited to go have a swim yeah oh they don’t know that yet it was about a nine minute drive from the town. So it’s really close from page yes we’re in page, I’m excited to see what this view looks like at the top of the top of the hill it even has sand like the beach see someone’s in struggle town there he is we had so much to eat for lunch, and then we went to Safeway, and just got for ice cream for two dollars fifty I had to do it it was a good deal I love ice cream I didn’t need it. But you had it Donaire kinda feels like you’re walking up the dunes to the beach with the sand this bit here reminds me of Australia except our sand is white not brown I mean orange oh my gosh this is a steep hill.

So we thought it was going to be just at the top of the hill, and we’re at the top of the hill, and it’s not on top of it Oh guys I have to show Sara’s right on the edge you ready Wow that’s so crazy look how much on the edge we are Steve how amazing is it oh my god, I’m like shaking we was so scary going on the edge every photo I’ve seen I’ve always thought they’re like Photoshop dirt, and I never expect, I’m expected to be. So big it is huge you have to see it like if you’re going on a road trip three hours only half year to waterbend, and absolute Canyon this is incredible oh yeah it’s not that long it was not nowhere near as bad as when we went to the arches that was a hard this is like maybe 500 meters that’s trying to guess five enemies is this cause you have to get off a bit of a of a hill. But Stevens has been taking, and feeling in photos do you expect it to look like this amazing I have a hundred, and thirty gigabytes on here, and have to keep deleting photos from like a few days ago. Because we’ve overtaken it’s so cool, I’ll get over it now we’re going to Grand Canyon. So hopefully that is even more amazing this blew my mind yes I love how this water I want to go like swimming down there I hope this is doing some sort of justice you have to see it for yourself. Because we’ve seen photos, and we thought it looks small it’s been photoshopped yeah I always thought the colors of Photoshop he seems like actually greens, and blues we’re back in the car now we realized that it was going to take us up until almost 7 o’clock to get to the Grand Canyon.

So instead we’re going to head back home yeah back to Flagstaff, and we’re going to go to ground, and we’re going to be going to the Grand Canyon tomorrow morning instead before we head down to Vegas and, I’m feeling pretty tired are you guys, I’m pretty tired from the heat as well, and it is we were getting room for 6:30. So yeah gotta have enough while Stephen dress we are back home now currently transferring all our photos, and footage onto the computer, and it’s taking ages. Because we talk way much way too much footage, and photos of these canyons, and stuff and. So while we’re waiting we’re going to go downstairs, I’m just going to the spa for a bit while we wait, I’m gonna head down there, and meet them there, and then what we’re gonna have to do now cuz I have no idea what we got my hair. So we thought our motel would have a 2-star other doesn’t there’s a toaster in like the reception. So the girls have sent me on pop-tart mission we’ve done had a popped up before. So we’ve got s’mores pop-tarts I didn’t have a toaster we could use we microwaved up alright guys we’re going to bed now.

So thanks for reading tomorrow we are riding in Vegas. But first of all we will be going to the Grand Canyon. Because we did promise to go to there today. But it was just a busy exaction guys bye.

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