Welcome to Cusco Peru.

I need to tell, you about something that we’ve discovered here when, you are in the airport there’s people taking photos of you. I wouldn’t know what these photos of us were for until, this is how I look when.

GUINEA PIG for LUNCH Cusco Peru Photo Gallery

I get off a plane. So glamorous. I said no photos clearly it wasn’t listening they make these postcards for everyone in the group of these paparazzi photos the pretty union business it is free these don’t bother.

I like. So happy oh my gosh No pork. And chicken that’s a pork.

And chicken like that what’s this have to do a little retail therapy buy ourselves a nice little mark it here in cusco let me restate that not little big market – here we are the type to indict which means the sun goddess. And they’ve laid on the beautiful perfect for us and. I’ve just about to try some potatoes which is typical.

I’m going to try everything else there’s tuck is that beautiful forevers there where did, you find out. So the clouds have parted. And now we actually get a full view of Machu Picchu.

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