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For all-weather comfort, there are festive brick red Phoenix/Mesa Metro Map canvas umbrellas, outdoor heaters, and a gas-fueled fire pit. Visitors can relax on Phoenix/Mesa Metro Map the patio and drink in the spectacular view, while enjoying seated tastings served by staff members. Winery owners Mitch and Doug Mondo offer seated tastings as a gesture of hospitality. Half Italian and half Scottish, the brothers honor their father’s Sicilian heritage by providing a welcoming environment where visitors can relish both the wines and the scenery. Originally from Southern California, they have run their own companies since they were in their early twenties. The pair first partnered in the early 1980s in a production company that videotaped depositions and legal proceedings, and later founded several other enterprises.

When you are traveling with Iwrscs, it is nut always easy to find a good campsite. A number of important elements have to come together: wood, water, grass, and ground flat enough to pitch the tent on. If you can have a spectacular view of the mountains at the same time, you’re in heaven.

Opposite: anada geese are found just alwut everywhere in C.anada. They arrive in springtime at the time of the first thaw and leave at the end of autumn.

I so wanted to see the caribou swim and the fish in the lake. That joy, it was my one desire. Thoughts fell away. A line that has unspooled.

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