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Finishing our roadtrip of the Pacific Coast Highway we’ve arrived in San Francisco where we’re going to have a chance to explore the innovative transportation solutions Ford is introducing to the city hey San Francisco alright now that we’ve brought into San Francisco we’re going to go explore for the day clearly not morning people, but first stop Pier 39 because. I wanted to see some sea lions there are a lot of sea lions here without pigeon what up Wow we’re scouring San Francisco CA bikes today.

Biking San Francisco Photo Gallery

And these are the new Ford go bikes. And we’re going to give, you a special sneak preview of this new bike share program that’s being put in all around San Francisco we are heading out on our journey biking the medical hills of San Francisco past the many colorful Victorian houses suggest the perfect view of this uniquely picturesque city bike stop look at some artwork what, this is really amazing year old runner we’ve arrived in toohave village. And letting some air live shot.

I’m hungry. I’m starving that’s a really fun bike concepts ensue actually really image rebuilds so much did, you get like a viewpoint everything yeah okay dad all the cool buildings like oh my God look who we are Hayes village.

And it is. So so pretty there is like a million buildings everywhere. So let’s go find one minute lunch for us all right like we enjoyed enjoy your company and.

I hope, you enjoyed that a preview because now we are going to grab some lunch. And head on to our next adventure of transportation in San Francisco bye bye bye another way to explore some of the scope is via chariot if a new ride share program is fitted right here which, you can use for your daily commute or, you can rent as a group to explore other parts of the city like right here in Union Square on. And on words more like upwards.

And onwards because toes with chariot, you choose from several commuters to climb yourself throughout the city or if you are a commuter then, you use it on your daily route. So we chose the road. And we headed down to the marina oh all right let’s go is slow.

So not good our last stop of the days with the Chinatown no for a bright light. And get fitted as our day exploring San Francisco comes to an end. I hope, you enjoyed exploring the city using alternative transportation methods methods to help reduce congestion in cities.

And provide equal from the options for those looking to explore thank, you to Ford for sponsoring this road trip and, you can check out more on what bass been doing to help support this initiative on the links down below thanks for reading. ?

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