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Rene Dumesnil and Jean Dumesnil From Country

The tomb of Rene Dumesnil (1879-1967) and Jean Dumesnil (1888-1972) is topped by two fluid bronze figures, one earthbound and the other flying off to the heavens. Rene Dumesnil was a music critic for the Mercure de France and for Le Monde and a member of l’Academie des Beaux-Arts. The statue was sculpted by Emile Bailly.

John Wright was a justice of the peace and a long-time member of the Pennsylvania Assembly. Tulsa Subway Map eighbors turned to Susanna Wright in her father’s absence. She drafted wills, deeds, and indentures for neighbors unable to write. Through her scribe’s duties, she had became involved in politics and elections in 1742, and she succeeded Samuel Blunston as prothonotary after his death.

Greatly respected by her neighbors, she also settled local disputes. Wright wrote regularly throughout her life but did not keep copies of her own work. As a result, scholars can only find a small sample of her writings. That work shows great skill in blending spiritual and intellectual concerns, and at least two poems reveal a strong voice for equity for women. Her poems were often addressed to women and used ordinary life events to make profound observations.

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