The Hunger Games Catching Fire – Amazon Brazil

We packed up our stuff getting ready for overnight sleep. And jungle about my havoc that’s a nice like bed, you got there Stephanie this one’s mine it.

I’m good cover which I’ll just put that step, you like or not because. And why not or were crazy because if the other rings, but if you look up you’ll see that’s gonna be review today Stephanie dinner cooking Stephanie overstep when, you go walking around a little bit let’s take your flashlight because everything’s made spider the big Toronto leaving the gold six o’clock well did it. I feel like.

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I need a. I survived a night in the jungle t-shirt alive people didn’t get any sleep okay, but this house here like, you more like a summer house some people have in Europe. And others, but they have in the Riverside is just for a couple of months all right, this is not the planet that.

I don’t know, it’s the other one oh my gosh yeah they grow there in his plantation, but, you don’t stop. So now your dart is thing is done Stephanie let’s see if it actually works okay there’s one in there any that’s why the looks like arrows okay look at them nice there’s my finished bracelet, it’s a pretty, it’s handy Danny crafts woman. I am yeah how’s your promise of me uh, it’s not bad, it’s quite bony but.

I wants to get past the million bones. And the sharp teeth, it’s actually quicker mmm delicious yes. I believe, you Stephanie.

So this like about 1 1 year. And a half old, you know cause many of them get killed by piranhas or by Otto alligator or eagle whoa – other things can eat. ?

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