It’s no secret that the Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world, but what if. I told, you that the most beautiful thing about this country was actually its people. I’m back in the Philippines after a brief little passport run.

I went to Singapore for probably a total of like three four days and. I’ve got a lot of exciting things in store for the next final few days here in the Philippines thank, you very much oh look at this oh my gosh. And check this out, it’s just as incredible as.


I remember guys the new hotel is probably my favorite hotel chain and, you know what, it’s not the world’s most expensive hotel, but they give, you incredible value for what, you pay, you get so much, you got an elephant here that’s a necessity on the bed they’ve made a whale that’s so funny Here.

I am doing work. I take a look outside. And look at the sunset tonight guys, this is incredible just overlooking Manila here in Quezon City there is something about this country now.

I could go on for hours talking about the waterfalls the unforgettable sunsets the cerulean blue waters the incredible desolate islands that few have discovered, but there’s something unrivaled that. I can’t find anywhere else in the world. And that’s what.

I want to talk about today. And that is the people in all of my travels there’s no country that has come close to this level of happiness of openness. So now.

I actually want to talk about what is it that makes these people. So happy. And what’s something that can be learned from them what are some takeaways that hopefully we can all take back home with us to wherever we live.

So. I’m not going to pretend that. I have the all in one answer.

And that’s why. I wanted to open up the discussion to, you guys because. I do want to hear your thoughts on what makes people who have.

So little financially speaking. So happy. So the first thing that.

I’ve really come to notice is that, this is a country that puts family first so much of the Filipino people’s happiness seems to be derived in spending time with their loved ones and, you can even see that in a country where so much of the population has to literally leave the country.

And go work abroad to send money back home to their family. I mean that right there shows the ultimate sacrifice now. I’m trying not to get too philosophical on this post, but in order to fully understand why the Filipino people are so happy. I think we also have to look at the other side of the coin. I would definitely argue that the more we possess the more we’re caught up in needing more things if we weren’t constantly bombarded with marketing that tells us that we need this new product.

I don’t we definitely argue that our happiness would be derived from something much more meaningful similar to the way the Filipino people have found their penis in being with family. And being with friends in appreciating the little things if you’re able to find happiness in the things that don’t cost money then you’re able to find happiness just about anywhere in the world that is the one thing that. I’ve truly learned from being abroad from seeing new things, but you’ve not experienced a true happiness until, you visited this country now naturally most people arrive here in the Philippines with their shield up they’re worried about their safety about their possessions they’re worried they’re going to be taken advantage of.

And that’s just a natural impulse we have to do that as travelers, but as soon as, you actually start to travel the country. And get to know its people you’ll see for yourself that, you can definitely lower your guard, this is a country of beautiful people with golden hearts. I guarantee, you you’ll have a hard time finding any country with kinder.

And happier people who are more willing to accommodate. And help, you out in your time of need it is not only the landscapes, but the people of this country that make the Philippines my number one Travel pick. I actually wanted to tell, you guys a really cool story and, this is kind of a summary of how, it’s like to travel the Philippines if you open yourself up to the people about two.

And a half years ago. I had my first adventure here in the Philippines. I landed in Cebu City in the Mactan Airport and.

I didn’t really know what. I was getting myself into to be honest. I was a little bit nervous about my first travels to the Philippines.

I had been asked by. So many people if this country was safe that. I started to question it myself.

So naturally. I was worried about theft. I was naturally worried about people trying to take advantage of me and.

I was honestly a bit cold to the people around me because. I was just thinking to myself, this is somebody who wants to take advantage of me. I was on a bus heading south from the airport to see the whale sharks.

And there was this group of Filipino people probably about 10 to 12 people. I decided that hey. I’ve got three hours in this bus.

I can either sit here. And be annoyed at the person singing Justin Bieber right behind me or. I can decide to get involved.

And talk to them. And get to know what they’re about next thing. I know.

I’ve made myself 10 to 12 best friends. And not only did. I get into a conversation with these people but.

I even got invited to join them on a trip to an island. I had never heard of just like that. I had in another extra two hours self instead of staying the night in a hotel which would have been costly we decided to do an all-nighter.

And we. And karaoke till 5:00 in the morning until it was time to catch the next ferry going to the island of sikhi whore once we arrived in the island we pooled our money together. And we decided to rent a pickup truck now this thing was a complete beater, but it was part of the adventure it broke down about three times throughout our trip, but every single time the local Filipino people would come out they would help us do with oil.

And replacement art to cool the motor down with water they were. So kind it didn’t matter what happened people from all the neighborhoods from anywhere in the Philippines have always been willing to help me in a time of need again as. I continued on in this trip with this group that.

I had literally just met they excitedly offered to cook meet one of their local Filipino dishes, this is known as a boodle fight. And they actually cooked up on a massive banana leaf an assortment of different foods everything from sea urchin rice spam or like this weird meat thing. I don’t even know was on the plate, but the experience is one of the things that.

I remember to this day when I think back on what does it like to be a traveler that is the number one experience that comes to mind is that day that. I decided to join a random group to sing karaoke through the night to eat strange foods off of a banana leaf to rent a beat-up pickup truck.

And have a breakdown in the middle of nowhere, but know that. I’m safe at every single point of this trip that is what, it’s like to travel the Philippines. And that is why.

I believe wholeheartedly that they are the happiest the kindest people that, you will ever come across. And, it’s why that, you need to experience the Philippines for yourself so. I’ve just met Nikko here he’s escorting me with an umbrella because we’ve got a rainy meetup ahead of us today.

I don’t know if, this is a crowd waiting for a meet-up, but there’s a lot of people join real quickly people are Foreman hey welcome to the blog Daniels on his way. And then also Bret maverick is gonna be joining us. So, it’s really cool.

I hope the weather doesn’t stop people from coming out today, but at least we’ve got this like nicely sheltered area, it’s beautiful. So we’re about to get kicked out from the area pardon what did. I learn a lot swapping leave go begins the great migration to try to find property these are the diehards they hang around even when, it’s raining all right we’re all assembling for a group photo.

So as, you guys probably know. I’ve been trying to do a bunch of gotta log word every single day tagalog if you don’t know as a Filipino language. I think, it’s behind um okay oh that’s.

So sad, but, it’s very fitting what’s it cook what is it. I love Adam my thing right column yeah, but alum means goodbye actually that’s that was. So perfect for the end ice block, but autumn everybody bye-bye everyone from the meetup in Manila the meetup in Cebu.

And the countless people who have come up. And said hi on the street corners. I just wanted to say thank you.

So much for your support, you guys have made this trip unforgettable and. I know that I’ll be back very very soon, it’s 1:30. I’ve got a flight heading somewhere very exciting which, you will see in the next post but.

I need to pack up. I need to get out of the hotel the Novotel Araneta, it’s been a dream there’s something else. I need to show, you downstairs before.

I check out of the hotel before leaving Angela’s gonna be showing me what we’re getting. So what is this, this is our homemade ice cubes there’s 18 flavors your meeting house, it’s made with natural ingredients okay. So apparently the pastry chefs recommend trying durian mixed with the coffee one together.

I liked it because. I couldn’t taste the durian once. I tried the coffee one right now.

I’m getting a 15 scoop ice cream, it’s ridiculous. I’m maybe gonna have two scoops oh my god feels bad as seeing all that waste but I had to top though.

I was gonna die, this is Rex. I remember the name well guys that is the end of an incredible trip here in the Philippines it is now time to board my flight. I’m flying somewhere very exciting which.

We’ll be sharing with, you in the next post. So until then guys let’s get lost again. ?

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