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Two Allegorical Figures Sculptor: Benno Schotz (1929-31) These rather severe figures are located in niches above the main entrance of a Classicist building. The male figure on the right (pictured) stands with his arms demonstratively folded; his more forgiving female companion carries a cornucopia, which is, however, ominously empty. All in all, not a very inviting front for a bank.

Glasgow City Free Church of Scotland 265 St Vincent Street

Architect: Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson(1859)

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The former St Vincent Street Church, west of the city centre, was completed in 1859. The constituent parts display different styles, with a typical Thomson Greek temple placed alongside an exotic clock tower. When many of Thomson’s other creations were falling to ruin in the 1960s, the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists saved the church from dereliction.

Sovereign House 158 West Regent Street

Relief of Christ Healing the Deaf and Dumb Man

Sculptor: Unknown (1893-5)

Above the entrance to Sovereign House is a relief depicting a scene from Mark’s Gospel in which Christ heals a man of his deafness and speech impediment. It was built as the Glasgow Institute for the Deaf, but later renamed the Royal Glasgow Institute after a donation from Queen Victoria.

98-104 West Regent Street

Statue of St John the Baptist St John the Evangelist, Sun

Sculptor: J.L Cowan (1895-6)

Originally designed by the Masons as a temple and meeting room, the Blythswood building is rich in symbolism, featuring a figure likely to be John the Baptist dressed in a sheep’s coat, holding a lamb, and St John the Evangelist, dressed in a toga, carrying a chalice. The building was erected at modern-day cost of approximately £1.2 million.

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