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Moving upstairs, our group noticed that many of the customers had left and it was much quieter. Jim took us directly into the barroom, the scene of Isaiah Leebove’s dramatic murder. Jim pointed out where the Leebove party had been sitting on that horrible night in May 1938. In the past, the hotel has done reenactments of the murder. It is always a very popular event with the guests.

Jim mentioned there have been reports of apparitions and voices in this room as well as people feeling touched. Shirley, a bartender, laughingly described some of her experiences when alone in the bar. She emphatically described hearing voices, being touched and on more than one occasion felt a pinch on her behind. Without customers, who is the culprit? Could it be the bawdy antics of Isaiah Leebove, Jack Livingston or another of the bar’s former patrons?

Returning to the lobby, Jim pointed toward the elevator and stairs. On numerous occasions the elevator has moved on its own, as if transporting unseen guests. When service is called, technicians can never find a problem. Here is another area where people have claimed to hear voices and see shadows moving through the hall and on the stairs.

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