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Otto Lake, one on a small peninsula at the north end of the lake, and the other on a peninsula on the east side. Fall would be a good time to plan this hike, but be sure to go before deer season. Signs indicate that this is a very active hunting area.

Despite its relatively small size and lack of an island, the remoteness and sunlight Otto Lake gets makes it a suitable habitat for Common Loons. The dense vegetation along the shoreline, especially on the east side, provides them with the secretive nesting sites they prefer. Walking along the trail in midsummer, you may catch a glimpse of a family slipping away from shore, seeking the protection of open water.

While these practices were useful, labor shortages within the colonies still set limits. Best country to visit in August To remedy the labor problem, the British government supplemented the emigration of workers from the Palatine States to special settlements, such as Newburgh (New York), New Bern (North Carolina), the Schoharie Valley (New Jersey), and the Great Valley (Pennsylvania), which were originally set up exclusively for naval stores production. Solomon K. Smith See also: Navy, British; New Bern; Trade; Transportation, Water. Bibliography Knittle, Walter A. Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration: A British Government Redemptioner Project to Manufacture Naval Stores. Philadelphia: Dorrance & Company, 1937. Malone, Joseph J. Pine Trees and Politics: The Naval Stores and Forest Policy in Colonial New England, 16911775. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1964. McCusker, John J., Russel R. Menard, and Peter J. Albert. The Economy of Early Country: The Revolutionary Period, 17631790. Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1988. Sint Eustatius Commonly known as Statia, Sint Eustatius is a tiny island of just over 8 square miles located at the southern end of the Dutch Windward Islands in the central Caribbean. Volcanic in origin, the saddle-shaped island has a small agricultural valley in the center bounded by cliffs to east and west and hills to the north and south. The soil is thin and standing water nonexistent, while the relative dryness of the savannah climate was exaggerated early on by the effects of deforestation.

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