Iguassu Falls Brazil

You hear that guys the sound of the rain forest we have moved inland. And we are now in Foz do Iguassu are stopped for the Iguazu Falls here in Brazil are, you excited Saudi yeah.

So he’s doing about two sides no I’ll tell about this decides it works me on both the issue that we had getting here oh yeah what is -, you mean how like almost Amiga here cuz we missing lights like last time when you’re trying to get these pocket Falls that we do miss our flight oh it couldn’t make the next one. And almost did not make this flight either yeah it was like it was like amazing Yuri style like friendiy write down the airport somebody really talking to people be like we need to get we went through like a literally like five or six different like dust. I got Air Canada.

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I don’t know why she went Air Canada because, it’s tan that’s a local airline that we’re flying it was absolutely ridiculous it was like 12 am that we actually end up flying out we got here at 2:30 yeah got to our hostel. I have 3:30 walks going to bed here about 310, it’s ridiculous yeah. And now we’re not over up too early went up right early.

And we’re going to go see the waterfall that took me another year to come back. And see. And we’re going to see, it’s almost yeah.

So we got to check out of the hostel. And we are going to the falls Yeah right now we are on the Brazilian side of waterfalls there’s two different signs the waterfall the Brazilian. And the Argentinian side we’re gonna be crazy.

And trying to do both sides less than they will feel that goes normally you’re supposed to like break it up. And have like Brazilian side we don’t really have time because we missed a flight. And for a change go for it, this is a real wild come here, this is where Wallach they were going to see the actual the monorail in Argentina who there’s.

So many people look at this Disney ride so much different on the personal side the devil. ?

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