Raja Avenue Eppley ship energy. And okay. I like, this is amazing um we’re not even at the tolerance level yet there’s still all that that we can go up the view that we’re getting all right.

So let me explain that, you can understand my amazing French right now. I’m actually sitting in line while standing line for the Eiffel Tower to try to get the top but I wanted to there’s lots lots of line to get to anywhere on it, but yeah we’re friends.

THE CITY OF LOVE Paris France Photo Gallery

So we made to the very top of their patellar well as high as, you can go. I got the way, you. And Nolan tickets huh how about that, but, you look to see, it’s now night spectacular yes.

So CSR well actually inside like don’t, it’s really one thing unfortunately we got here after the tickets careful, it’s really actually concepts that’s most amazing model you’ve ever seen huh finally at your craft are, you crazy, it’s crazy. So crazy hey guys. So this morning right now we are doing a walking tour of Paris France our first stop is here at the beautiful National Cathedral oh my goodness yeah we just took the metro to get here.

And we’re kind of just taking a mix of the Metro slush walking around Paris today get in some of your big tourist attractions, it’s gonna be awesome Oh pizza. I want to do art Disney’s all one of the two. I can’t decide which one.

I want to first, you in the what’s it taste like yeah yeah we are the true why made it to our final destination on our walking tour of Paris grunts. And a sample Tower yeah we here again we were here last night, but now we’re here during the day. And we’re chillin on the lawn, you see, you buy me pretty awesome.

I really wanted to cartwheel mom, it’s a breeze we were trying jumpy photos. And kata succeeded and. I really wanna do cartwheels that was good fun ready.

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