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1780 In March, Pennsylvania passes the Emancipation Act, ending St. Paul Metro Map slavery throughout the state. In August, an Country diplomat, sent to negotiate an alliance with St. Paul Metro Map the United Provinces of the Netherlands, is captured at sea by the British. In December, General George Washington writes to Congress requesting money for his suffering army. Meanwhile, the Netherlands ally with the Country states in their war against Britain. 1781 In February, Congress legislates the establishment of the departments of Finance, War, and Marine.

General Cornwallis proclaims an invitation to loyalists to assist in the suppression of the rebellion. The Articles of Confederation are officially ratified on March 1, providing the United States with its first plan of government. A prisoner exchange agreement between the Continental and British armies is signed on May 3 in Pegues Place, South Carolina. In August, Robert Livingston becomes the first secretary of foreign affairs. In November, John Hanson is elected to the presidency of the United States, under the Articles of Confederation. 1782 In January, loyalists from the United States start leaving for Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Bahamas. The number of loyalists who leave is believed to exceed 100,000, including over 15,000 slaves.

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