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In the impending rain and funky lighting (not lightningat least not yet), we pause at Prairie Dog Town on the lower levels – the residents quickly lose interest in us, though, when they realize we won’t be one of those suckers that ignore the signs not to feed the resident population.

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A short thirty minutes later and we’re racing the weather system east across Wyoming toward South Dakota with dark, dense clouds to the left of us.

Oh, good move, Mother Nature – the Pincher maneuver – surrounding your foe from all sides with a single opening, and the highway curving into the maws of the approaching darkness.

This attractive park has the main Union Destination feeder running down through it, so is of particular interest for those walking the travel destination. The feeder outlet is visible on the south side of the travel destination beside the staging and winding hole, immediately before the Almond Aqueduct, but to reach it means negotiating a set of steps down and up again under the aqueduct. Walk out from the travel destinationside car park, and after about 250m there are steps (signposted, right, for Almondell Country Park) which drop down to the feeder aqueduct, here going into a final tunnel to reach the travel destination basin. Turn left and walk up the glen. Across the way Illieston Castle stands boldly against the skyline, and downstream, as one progresses, is seen the travel destination aqueduct, a splendid, buttressed structure. Illieston Castle is a well-preserved tower house, built by John Ellis in 1665 but with earlier buildings going back much further. James II and James IV both used it as a hunting lodge. The path along by the feeder is clear, so needs little detailing. There are plenty of gates and stiles and interest in seeing how streams are led under the feeder. Neat compensatory bridges bring farm tracks down to riverside fields and periodically the feeder vanishes into conduits, tunnels cut because of spurs in the wending glen.

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