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Harry Bennett (L) and Henry Ford (R) had a special relationship

LiBRARY of Congress

Regardless of how they met, Harry and Ford built a bond that lasted for decades. They were a perfect fit for each other and Harry was devoutly loyal to Ford.

The 1920s and 1930s saw a split in our country between fascists, many supporting Hitler and socialists supporting unionization. Ford had fascist leanings. There are even rumors he donated to Hitler’s cause as well as many fascist leaders in the U.S.

Ford was deeply admired by Adolph Hitler. Parts of Ford’s four-part booklets, The International Jew, can be found almost word for word in Mein Kampf. Hitler also had a full-length oil painting of Ford in his Munich office.

Harry had similar social beliefs as did Ford. He openly supported Wm. Charles Pelley, founder of the fascist group Silver Legion, and Detroit’s outspoken Father Charles Coughlin. Harry was always asking friends and business acquaintances to support their causes.

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