30 Best Things to do in Japan

Hi everybody, I’m chance, I’m Stephen, and we’re flying the nests in the last three years we’ve been posting, and uploading our benches from around the world.

So today we want to share with you the top 10 things you need to do on a trip to Japan, and make sure you stick to the end. Because I feel like the honorable mentions is longer than the top 10 list this is so much stuff to do in Japan maybe, I’ll new around here hit comment. Because we’ve got a lot of travel tips coming your alright. So we’re gonna work our way from top ten to top one, and we’ve kind of ranked this on the best thing. So number ten is go check out an introvert ramen cafe they’re called ichiran ramen cafes, and it’s just such an incredible date especially if you’re going with a friend. Because you never speak to anyone who you order through a vending machine, and then you sat in two Little Boots, and you enjoy your meal in peace this is literally my restaurant push this button I guess always miss remar their weight okay number nine has to be you need to try other days let me explain one of the days just knows as a bidet is a thing that’s on a toilet, and you sit on the toilet, and then it kind of like shoots water at me Mom that’s pretty much explains. But it’s not very common in Australia.

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So when we got to Japan we knew we had to try it, and for some weird reason I decided to post my first ever experience trying of the day. So enjoy that footage nothing’s happening number eight is no matter how old you are how young you are you have to go to Disney there are two Disney parks there you’ve got Disneyland which is his standard Magic Kingdom. But also if you want something unique they’ve got Disney see it’s the only one in the world it’s based on the sea. So it’s a whole bunch of new rides TV to Disney before it’s your first time make sure you go check it out. Because you’re gonna have a fun time we’ve been to both of them, and there’s no enjoyable you have to go check out Disney if you decide to go. So number seven is go skiing or snowboarding Japan is known to have some of the best snowfall in the world it’s Emmys what a CAD Vantage, and do some snow sports there are over 500 ski resorts across Japan. So it’s not gonna be very hard for you to choose a place.

So in the bush popular I used to go to Hokkaido buy a lot of Australians going to. But we decided to check out the local experiences we headed to the Miyagi Prefecture, and it’s fantastic. Because we’re going to see how the locals live in the towns, and also there was no one on the slope. So we got to get. So many runs in lose has to buy the hot chocolate. So the best way to get around the pan is you have to try out the Shinkansen or was we call it the bullet train is probably the easiest way to get around the pan also if you decide to pick up a JR pass it’s super cost-effective especially be catching three or more trains these can go up to 320 kilometers an hour. So that’s an experience that you need to hold on to your seats for.

Because it’s quite a train get ready this train is coming. So number five spend a night in a capsule hotel. So these hotels are literally little pods the size of a single bed you called it a coffin coffin vibes LT felt like we were sleeping in a coffin. But it is very cost-effective way to stay in the city for a night or two it’s a super unique experience we’re definitely never done that before nobody loved it oh yeah actually was cozy. Because he liked a new little bed, and it was actually kind of comfy. But definitely do one honestly do one a new first night just jump straight into you know, and that’s what we did yeah it was also it was good experience. So if you go to Japan, and if you know.

But there is a lot of unique weird, and strange food like delicacies there, and you need to try them all you can’t say no when you’re in Japan especially if you love seafood we tried a jellyfish fish up against country just sea urchins try sea urchin Wow there was so much stuff at least I can say I’ve done it don’t worry, I’ll do it again. But, I’ll leave that up to you guys if you do go to Japan most you know what you tried in the comments below cuz honestly yeah what you thought of it. So they’ve just served us fish liver. So, I’m just gonna get Stephen the honors of tasting this month number three get blessed by a Shinto priest now this is probably one of the most unique experiences we had while we were in Japan hence why Cayman did like number three it was so memorable we got blessing the Miyagi Prefecture it was at the kind of Ebisu sure I know coupon saying that right snake shrine yeah. So hopefully we win the lotto soon what’s this mother this maid blessed us for fortune cookie fortunes it was one of the most unique experiences. Because it’s a whole performance in itself we couldn’t post it.

So you have to go, and do it yourself to experience it. But we highly highly recommend you do it also go check out the shrines in winter that is Japan is not in winter it also dark you asked me to get you some Sencha tea I got the best central team. Because this tea was actually blessed by the gods sir speaking of shrines you need to go is the most popular, and well-known one the fushimi inari, and yeah it does live up to expectation it’s just in Kyoto, and we highly recommend you go wake up nice, and early. Because there’s gonna be no tourists in your photographs, and you can get some absolutely incredible shots is over a thousand red torii gates there a little tip if you want to get the photos with the Japanese text on them turn around. Because that’s where they are on the way out it is so worth it just waking up early, and coming here for 7:00 a.m.

Because there is no one here okay number one drum roll have to do this real life mario karta in tokyo this is pretty insane see you rock this store you dress up as real live post game characters hop into guru carts, and drive around the streets of tokyo. So we went we thought we were going to be doing kind of like a go-kart track like a closed off circuit like how you’d normally go go-karting. But you literally go cut through the city like over freeways over highways over bridges for two hours all through the city yeah agents say you go like 50 60 kilometers an hour it’s done through a company called memory card we will link all these details in the description below. So you can check them out study you have if you’re going to Japan you have to do this it was so cheap as well he was like eh my box amazing all right. So that is our top ten list, and it just keeps going there’s so much more this stuff we just couldn’t leave out.

So we’re just gonna do a quick fire of honorable mentions that you need to add to your list if you have into Japan cross the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo about to cross the busiest intersection of the world visit Harajuku in Tokyo go see Mount Fuji in Tokyo visit Akihabara district in Tokyo, and of course visit all the temples you can see all of food from a vending machine vending machine six hugs for the both of us try gold flake ice cream is it Japanese gardens of course you can eat sushi are you training for this get instructions from the robots sleep on the floor win a Pikachu visit monkey, and bamboo forest Asian emoji hmm try everything matcha flavored I don’t think I’d be a fan of ever visit the Hashima bomb site, and finally play with some deers konnichiwa. So I hope you guys enjoyed that with the signing this new series like top things we love around the world I will do different countries, and cities let us know what we should do next also if you’ve been to Japan we’ve left something out please comment below what people should do cuz I want this to be a little home wherever, I’m going find all these amazing things to do in Japan. So please leave those in the comments below, and want us to do more let us know of course, and give us a thumbs up, and comment thank you guys Oh Oh.

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