What To Pack South America Backpacking on a Budget

Guess whose harm we have been home for past two days, and we leave tomorrow, and we about to do something that is a little bit out of our comfort zone we aren’t the biggest like backpackers hikers kind of people you guys probably have seen by now we barely ever go backpacking. But we go on a three-month trip, and two months of that is gonna be spent in South America. So yes we’re going to South America, and we’re gonna be backpacking, and for the past two days we’ve been working out what we want to pack, and I’ve just put it out all over the floor.

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Because I want to show a packing post for you guys to show you that you can go backpacking on a budget. Because we have learned a few things over the last two days. So this is everything we’re bringing I feel like it looks really big when you see it on the floor Steve like is this too much this is mine, and Stevens. But, I’m yeah we’re gonna show you everything we are bringing on our next trip a very excite leave tonight we’re crazy remember we came home from Japan three days China home three days South America. So the first thing we did is that we decided to be like every other backpacker, and we went to anaconda thinking that that’s where we’re going to find our backpacks until we saw the price tag. So instead we jumped into eBay, and found these for $30 per day are pretty much a dupe of what we saw into the in the store, and once I filled out, I’ll show you our if everything fits inside like 90 liters yeah oh yeah it’s a 90 liter bag I don’t know it looked just like the one that we store. So we decided to get it.

So hopefully the smells good alright next bag is a little camera bag. Because I’ve been using backpacks, and I’ve been finding that it’s too annoying to get the camera out to post moments. So aside that yeah. So this is gonna hold my lens, and my body, and like maybe a few, and a few different things as well we got this from it’s from a website called no more ugly bags I think no more ugly bags I think it’s like waterproof, and stuff. So that’s what Stephens gonna be using to hold his camera, and his lenses, and stuff while we’re traveling all right. So we are doing the Inca Trail. So it means three nights four days of can be no electricity no anything.

So in case it rains we decided to get a twenty five liter dry bag. So it keeps everything dry, and it turns into a backpack which I was quite good that was like the reason we wanted to get it is. Because you can actually wear as a backpack. So we can put all our stuff in it, and easily wear it as a backpack, and then for my bag it isn’t a wet proof bag. So what I found on eBay are these little black shower caps. So what you do is you can put them around your bag, and then it makes it into kind of a dry bag I guess. So I got two of those.

So we could use those while we were tracking a huge tip is that you should definitely get yourself some packing cubes. So we’re gonna be putting all our clothes inside these cubes, and then putting it into the backpack. So it means that if I just say I need to get my shorts I can just grab my short bag it makes it way easier. So definitely get yourself some packing cubes is this be honest backpacks are annoying. Because then I can get it from the top you trying to go through things. But at least be like I just need get the shirts yeah, and I can go through the shirts yes wait. So that’s all our bags that were bringing Swift clothes this is probably the hardest packing we’ve ever done.

Because there’s gonna be days where we’re going to be in very cold wet conditions cold dry conditions really hot days really hot rainy days. So we’ve tried to pack for that, and also we’ve packed a lot of neutral colors. So we could mix, and match everything we’ve pretty much a packing, and wear anything with everything first up is tops. So I’ve ten tops I for top what. But I also have three singlets seven I still have too many yeah you still have to believe it that’s like all righty. So, I’m bringing for shorts I’ve got one hiking one board shorts, and two casuals, and I really bringing one pair of shorts. But that’s.

Because if it’s a hot day I way prefer to bring dresses. So, I’m bringing three dresses I’ve got I try to choose like South America kind of colors I’ve got like a red one a yellow one, and a black one. So these will be what I wear if it’s like a summers day or if we’re going out at night the pants, I’m bringing a pair of black jeans, and a pair of blue jeans, and I’ve got my brown ones on and, I’m gonna bring these black one. Because I want to wear them on the plane, and then, I’m also gonna bring some tights for will be doing hiking, and stuff. So I’ve got a black pair of tights a great pair of tights, and then 3/4 tights which, I’ll probably wear a lot, and we’re also gonna be bringing a pair of long johns each. So if it gets really cold we’re gonna wear underneath our jeans underneath our leggings to all about layers yeah definitely in South America all that layers, and was googling, and a lot of people say that you should go on by that Merlot wall something with super expensive, and got that Merlot world money. So there was like there how have four pairs of tights, and then might take them off as the day goes on we forget hot by the way who knew South America was so cold like Mitchell yeah when we’re going to Salt Flats you don’t realize when people taking pictures it’s like they’re in the snow yeah. So yeah didn’t know that I got South America for thin jumpers, I’m ringing to bring a black one, and a gray one. Because that’s the layer thing again, I’m just bringing the one a lot of people jump a person I’ve also packed myself a kind of hiking jacket that I can put on when it’s cold kind of again for layers. So it’s like more of a sports material. So, I’ll wear this one when, I’m hiking, and I realize you don’t have anything like this well, I’m gonna be you can borrow mine, I’m cold I feel like a pretty way more jackets in you. Because they’re not ringing I guess I think what wouldn’t posting this post I’ve realized so much do you need more jackets. But, I’m also bringing like this kind of this is more maybe four photos no no, and then next we have like the warmer jackets you’ve got this cool little denim not memory, and denim jacket again this is probably more for the photos just cuz I really like this jacket it was on sale.

So, I’m bringing a denim jacket, and then, I’m bringing a really thick black jacket. Because again we went into what was the store Katmandu is that it I kept man dude come on Terry, and me when I looked at jackets, and they were like over $400, and I was like oh my gosh. So, I’m like okay, I’m just gonna wear a lot of jumpers wear my big thick black bomber jacket, and hope for the best. Because four hundred dollars for a jacket kathmandu if you watch this what vendors a jacket in the mall time I’ve got my home this I don’t need a new one, I’m pretty sure world is enough I still you know jacket that you put on deal with one jumper, I’m packing more jealous for you, and then to end it all is we need some rain jackets just to put on top of it all. So this is $20 from BW nuts super thin, and light. So, I’m hoping that we can just put it over the top of anything we’re wearing to keep us dry also, I’m pretty sure there’s some Poncho’s like $3 you know that didn’t go as well. So that’s mean if it rains guys it’s hailing hopefully these will come in handy yeah we’re also bringing beanies.

But I couldn’t choose, I’m bringing too. So about this pink one, and in this brown one I’ve got a red one has got it from a center store yes I create a little cheap stock itself gloves. So this one is actually not that cheap this one I splurged cuz I really liked it. So this is like $20 then this one was like $4. So that’s why I decided to get both oh, and we also are bringing gloves, and we fingerless gloves oh yes fingerless gloves. So then I can operate the camera yeah really we’re not going to snow I don’t think, I’m gonna freeze my hands off Oh will I maybe, I’m also bringing a hat. Because lately I’ve been loving my hats, and I try to find one that kind of went with the winter feel as well as the summer feel.

So I got this one of psycho certain knitted kind of materials drank your I really liked it it was on sale for $4 that’s good all about the bargains clearly with undies bras, and socks I always feel like you can never not pack enough. So we packed a lot. So we have four hiking socks that we’ll use when we’re doing like the big heights, and stuff like that unleash the moisture out it’s gonna help you with blisters you need hiking socks yes. So we bought like fancy hiking socks. But then when it comes to other socks we’re just bringing like a bunch. Because yeah sometimes your we pretty much learn how to wash anyway my sink we can watch anywhere, and that is why I always bring bralets not proper bars, I’ll show you. So, I’m packing like four of them, and these are super lightweight.

So they don’t use up a lot in your bag. But also they’re really really easy to pack in the sink they’re really really easy to wash in the sink. So I always pack bra let’s I want peace bikini cuz I think we’re doing hot hot springs maybe maybe lots of lots of undies we always paint pack way too many undies and, I’m also packing at 3 packing 3 sports for us I have thanks Jessa’s purchase me Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday underwear back story. So one time he asked that he needed on these models at the shop. So that Shoreham bought him like these really colorful undies, and didn’t recognize that on this strip they said the day of the week. So those he is traveling on B’s now, I’m also going to be bringing a scarf which, I’ll bring when we’re like on the buses, and stuff. But sometimes it gets really cold on the buses or on the plane this again was on sale.

Because it is coming to summer here, and in Australia which made it really easy to shop for. So I bought this great car, and Stephen, I’m from Sportsgirl Stephen if you wanted me to get anyone. But he said no he’s not a scarf man maybe, I’ll just find a local well maybe combine from my wall yeah a pre scarf. So do people be getting your scarf soon, and we might get punched like not that not the wet Poncho’s. But like you know the cool I want to get that as well yeah. So for shoes we are bringing our sport shoes our hiking shoes, and don’t buy new shoes. Because like you want them to be worn in especially if you’re doing the trip that we’re doing we’re we going straight into the Inca Trail yeah you’re gonna know you’re you’re just gonna get blisters.

So again we weren’t sure if we should buy hiking shoes. Because if I bought them now cuz I don’t own any, I’ll scared they’re gonna give me blisters. So, I’m deciding just to wear my Knights. So I will give you guys feedback with nights for okay the Inca Trail okay I hope they are nice who wants to take hiking boots we’re going traveling, and we’re not coming home for three months that’s so annoying carrying hiking boots around yeah I hope, I’m don’t halfway to the Inca Trail they’re going what I wish I had my liking booth musty then we’re also bringing walking shoes which are very old. But I did again I didn’t want to buy new ones, and hurt my feet, I’m pretty sure you’re so obviously yeah minor got these for the Greece trip, and and then we also bought a couple of bombs. Because we might be in the you know showers a while all right also I was thinking after a long day of hiking you kind of want to take your shoes off, and then just put a pair of almonds on trees well. So bringing some dry towels I actually got these up eBay, and they’re super cheap, and they come in like a little container thing.

So they’re easy to travel with, and then yeah they dry super-quick yeah dry.quick dry towels we’re also gonna be camping, and they don’t provide pillows. So what we’re doing is we’re going to be bringing pillow cases, and then filling it up with clothes. Because we don’t want to carry a pillow with us for three months. So there’s our little hack on if you want to make your own pillow while traveling yeah we like that in Alaska. Because we were not prepared for that trip, I’m drinking models locks. So, I’m going to be bringing some makeup, and toiletries.

So we’ve got like shampoo razors conditioner basics some dry shampoo toothpaste you know sunscreen, and mosquito borne yes it’s South America you need to make sure you bring it tropical strength era guard. Because you don’t want to get sick if you go to a tropical place yeah you don’t want that no, and also I definitely recommend getting a fifty plus substrate we use banana boat what a proof band-aids what are these we bought like energy dissolvable kinda like Baraka that’s the brand though. So you put these in your water, and they go, and then you drink it, and then it gives you energy or if you’re losing like salts or iron they help you especially when you are hiking. So we got one this one has vitamin this is meant to have vitamin B energy, and it’s apricot, and peach play this is iron vitamin C iron again, and raspberry flavor yeah. Because we don’t eat meat that much. So we decided to get like an eye anyone as well. So we’ve got these a multi vitamins vitamins electrolyte tablets again these will help you when you are hiking, and sweating a lot, and losing salt, and losing electrolytes I guess make sure you also get your yellow fever vaccination which was our really fun wasn’t it.

Because like I hate needles seriously yes some countries won’t let you in I can’t remember exactly which one yeah, I’ll put it up here. But if you don’t have this vaccination you can’t get into the country also we’re going to another country which will save to tell you that, and if they know we were in South America they may not let us in. So you need this to show it, and it’s yellow fever yeah I don’t know these get yellow fever cause 85 ah see at the vaccinations, and they said it lasts for like over ten years. So it’s worth just getting there getting the maximun, and we’re not doing the malaria pills. Because we’ve just heard this. So many side effects from taking the malaria appears like hallucinations, and all that that we’ve been in South Africa we’ve been in malaria areas, and we’ve been fine. But of course don’t take our advice on that stuff speak to your doctor we just spent a lot of insect repellent on also hurt for the best, and just in case the action word flows a couple of plastic bags.

But take them with you like properly dispose of them. But yeah that stops anywhere yeah if we get like a downpour, and I close we just chuck them in those. So it doesn’t work all that stuff in our bag you also need Sony’s where’s your Sony’s I also like to bring it this little mini hair straightener. So it doesn’t use up too much space that I can do my hair if I want to. Because I curl my hair with a straightener as well as straighten my hair don’t worry this is all natural all righty let’s back I really hope that we are back I totally forgot as well we are bringing a lot of warm pajamas for when we can show the cute ones alright. So first of all we bought these ones for the plane how comfy these oh yes matching we also brought I also got like things like this it’s cute okay very quickly I just want to do a flatly to show you all the camera gear, and equipment that, I’m taking to South America arty that is everything, I’m bringing with me. So my main camera my sony with my 1635 I also have my 50 mil here, and I’ve had my zoom 24 to 240 g7x I got my new gigabyte every 15 Jess’s macbook pro.

But three hard drives the DJI Matic pro with two batteries we also got two of these like external battery chargers five batteries for the sony the gopro we’ve got power adapters. So we can charge three hard drives one is for backup, and then two for work, and then these are the cases i store my cables in, and this is another case for storing more cables. But yes let’s put them in now that everything’s in the packing cubes it actually doesn’t look like too much stuff this is my pal this is Stevens I did throw in a couple extra jumpers for him. So after posting that post I realized that Stephen is going to be much cooler than me yeah. So now let’s see how they go fitting in the bags guys it fit here’s backpacks do let’s do a spin now we need a way it let’s see how much of it oh my gosh you’re gonna fall football only 15 kilos, I’m actually shot these bags you can really tell how big they are when Claire puts them on they look like ridiculously big on the side look. So any 15 kilos jörgen look joking that’s too much.

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