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A bed of Straw!

DETOUR [1] Ermita de Santa Lucia. A small chapel with spring located up / grassy track 0.5 km off the main road just beyond the bar O’ Muineiro in Olveirot . The chapel has a tiny covered portico that (might) provide shelter from the ra j if you are stuck for somewhere to lay your weary head. (I’m sure Saint Lucid wouldn’t mind).

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DETOUR [2] Dolmen Pedra de Area. Another fine prehistoric dolmen off the road to Bainas. In a display of gross ignorance the electricity company has constructed high tension power lines directly over it. (In a further display of disregard for historical sites they have even built one of the pylons on a pn -historic castro). Despite the buzz from these overhead cables it is still an awt -some site. Take the Bainas road for c. 5 km and pass through Regoelle athl immediately after the sign for the Concello de Vimianzo turn right down J rough track over a stream and up the far side into woodland. The Dolmen lies on your left 1 km from the main road. As this is a 12 km round trip it is m t recommended unless you have plenty of time and!or a place to stay.

What died in you today? Attachment to inner enlightenment? Or perhaps something more mundane, like the outer weather conditions and our basic physical comfort, Perhaps it was our attachment to simply securing a bowl of hot soup on a wet day or an iced beer on a warm one, only to be disappointed ?

Gautama Buddha reminds us that ‘AH pain conies from attachment’.

The Practical Path: This is another long day but if it gets dark or tiredness over takes you, accommodation is available all along the coast from Cee. Over half the day’s walk is on natural pathways including one single stretch across the moors oc

12.1 kilometres, one of the longest and most isolated stages on the whole Camino. Again there are no facilities until you reach Cee (except the bar/ restaurant at Hos pital). There is no opportunity to stock up on food so you will have to fall back o i your own resources. The rain fed rivers have always served me well but if you a: dubious, you can always ask for water at houses along the way.

The Mystical Path: Whither your goal? What higher purpose brought you thu far? Without a Vision Quest we are lost indeed. To walk through this life with out a spiritual intention is to travel down a cul-de-sac with only our own mortal ity waiting at the end. What awaits you at your journeys end? To walk the inne path with a pure motive and openness of mind is to journey on an endless spiral upwards to the source of our own immortality. Will you take time today to reflect on the purpose of your life and the means of fulfilling it?

The final lesson for each soul is the total surrender to the Will of God manifest ei in vour own heart.

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