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The Mongolians still come here every year, to winter in Tianjin Map Tourist Attractions Zhong Wei, bringing their circular white yurts and setting up near town. In spring they Tianjin Map Tourist Attractions head out for pasturelands 180 miles away. Before we left, a Mongolian with three laden camels arrived from the town; he had stayed behind for health treatment and was now going to join his mates. He wore a long black coat, sash, and a duck-cap which had a birdlike beak and a button to hold it up. When we left I asked my companion if my camel has a name. He looked at me blankly and said why should it want a name, it’s a camel.

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The Sonic Envelope of the Citroen XM-X

Ironically, as much as Gasoline Music emphasizes the kinaesthetic experience of motion and speed, this is achieved through contemporary car engineering that seeks to cushion sound, motion and vibration. Cars have become dematerialized sonic envelopes’ (Bull 2004: 257). Self-contained, engineered and controlled, they have the ability to create a uniformly-immersive space for sound – specialized acoustic listening chambers’ (2004: 257). Over the past 20 years there have been significant changes to the phenomenology of driving due to these technological transformations of the driving experience, particularly around the material and physical look and feel of cars. Advanced software- and hardware technology is adopting increasingly-embodied positions, such as ergonomics, which create a new form of highly-mediated driving (Thrift 2004: 49-50). While this has the potential to create a disengaged physical experience of driving, Thrift argues that it results in a different form of hybrid ontology.

The Citroen XM-X is designed to minimize bodily interruption with its hydractive’ suspension design. This is an electronically-controlled suspension system that delivers a so-called magic carpet ride’, which differs from the hydropneumatic suspension systems of previous Citroen vehicles. The interior of the vehicle creates a cushioned, luxurious, bodily experience with leather seating, adjustable armrests and seat heating. The dashboard was recognized at the time for its futuristic electronic and computer look and feel. Rogues’ Gallery emphasize this luxury aesthetic, and the look and feel of the shiny, black, Citroen was a critical part of the performance experience.

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