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Today it contains a magnificent collection of paintings, with works Tianjin Map by Turner, Rembrandt, Gainsborough, Van Dyck and Holbein. Of particular interest is the Grinling Tianjin Map Gibbons Room, with many superb examples of Gibbons’ unbelievably intricate carvings. Other highlights are the Marble Hall, Grand Staircase, Turner Room, the Sculpture Gallery where many fine paintings and excellent sculpture work can be admired, and the chapel with its remarkable woodwork. The grounds, including the deer park, were landscaped in the mid-eighteenth century by Capability Brown.

Although Petworth House is very close to the centre of the town, and might be said to glower down at it – Daniel Defoe wrote that it ‘stands as it were with its elbows to the town’ – to enter it is to enter what seems like another world. Esther Meynell observes: ‘The great towering walls and spiked gateways that guard Petworth House from any contact with the common people have an air, in these days, not only arrogant but absurd – the helmeted stone coat-of-arms, ludicrously pompous, on the gate-posts speak of eighteenth-century intolerance, and recall monumental effigies of the same period where bewigged landed proprietors are received in Heaven by effusive and servile angels.

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