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A Grocery Store in China

A lot of you guys lately have been asking what is a grocery store like in China, and here we are in the Walmart of Shenzhen China a lot of people might recognize it as an American brand. But that does not mean that it’s just American shopping here in fact I’ve been here a ton of times, and I’ve never seen any quarters here. So Chinese people do shop here actually in the US I do not like shopping at Walmart I just really really don’t like the Walmart in the US. But for some reason everywhere else in the world that I’ve been Walmart’s are pretty awesome, and Walmart in China has to be the most awesome one I’ve.

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So this is a huge pile of little dried shrimp a smells really strong wasn’t sure what these are. But I think there’s squid you can see 10, and maybe wear a face plus I think it’s quick to the grocery store in China is that with a lot of things you are not going to know what you are getting. So you might have to take to lose where you can get it like here you can kind of look at what a picture ingredients in it. So this is probably subject spicy. But then at the same time you don’t dried meat with spikes of the potato you don’t know, and usually have to try to make venture when you first come here especially, and you have no idea what anything is not very many things actually have English on them then maybe it’s not even right just as a reference for this post when you see prices everywhere approximately 7 RMB is $1 it’s approximate. But just. So you know.

So these huge fruits are 5rv. So under $1 for all this in general fruits, and vegetables are pretty cheap in China this is the snacks aisle or one of them, and it’s pretty interesting. Because it’s going to be a really different to the South section that you’re used to in the u.s. in your supermarket most likely you wouldn’t find the u.s. is like dried chicken feet chicken feet are these chicken gizzard just like a candy pretty confident you have you bailed on dried squid there’s a bunch of different something that is very popular flavor you can find everywhere here in China is green tea or matcha there are some green tea cookies green tea ice cream green tea cake Korean tea tiramisu cream tea coffee green tea bread green cheese pizza even 3 tea tea green tea chocolate I forgot that one pick out the big one, and she went all together, and people packaging for them they cook it for you right however you wanted between like a bunch of different sound you really cannot even tell how much candy is here it’s ridiculous how much is the supermarket is devoted to Ken it’s like a penny market here, I’m gonna walk through the whole candy section right now to show you just how much candy there I get these brilliant updates all the time, and during some of their.

So I don’t know what they are it literally tastes like an exact mix, and I literally can’t tell which of those three it is it’s somehow olds I mean it is so amazing that do you find stuff that you just get like well I don’t know what it is, I’m just gonna get it, and sometimes it’s a pretty good selection of alcohol in China, and it can be gotten really cheaply at the supermarket this is probably the most famous brand of beer here it is called Tsingtao I don’t really drink beer. But Livio does, and it’s really cheap it’s under $1 for one of those important area of the supermarket for me this is the coffee section however if the coffee section here is exclusively instant coffee there is no coffee beans to be found in the supermarket sometimes they have some pretty weird flavors of coffee here my favorite that I’ve seen, and they don’t have it today for some reason. But there’s one that’s called purple potato latte behind me is the butter, and cheese section out of this I think there’s only two types of cheese, and the selection is just super limited. So you have to go to a specialty store I am not very knowledgeable about that. Because I think cheese is disgusting, and I never get tons of mountains of rice here a lot of different types of eggs here a popular form of eggs is quail eggs I think in the u.s.

those are considered a very expensive delicacy. But here they’re not expensive, and then they also have preserved eggs I haven’t tried them kind of scared to they’re kind of gray looking here are some more preserved eggs these don’t look very appetizing to be honest they also have eggs like this individually wrapped what kind of egg is this marinated egg, and it’s squishy its squishy not sure what this section is about. But that’s just all of these little little things thinking that maybe it’s ingredients for teeth look it’s flowers oh it smells. So good, I’m pretty sure that this is stuff for tea, and it smells amazing every time you open one of these it smells. So good definitely a tea sort of smell. But very strong these mangoes have faces something about supermarkets in China is that a lot of like you’re getting the actual product yourself scooping I don’t know it’s just a little bit of a different feel today the Walmart is actually really quiet, and there’s not many people here which is kind of unfortunate. Because I went to this Walmart it’s really far away from my house I specifically went to this one.

Because normally it is crazy, and there are so many people here, and so much going on it’s just usually there are these ladies with microphones, and the microphone ladies are not on today, and I don’t know why, I’m sorry calling out on these loudspeakers, and literally sticking the microphone, and the loudspeaker into your face. So that you can hear about the product normally they’re trying to sell you eggs really loud, and it’s just kind of crazy well guys I hope that you enjoyed a look at a Chinese grocery store today if you soon thanks for reading bye.

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