New York City Pass

New York City Pass

New York City Pass is ideal for first time visitors and smart New Yorkers looking for a deal. Inside a pocket-sized booklet, you get six admission tickets to the famous, fabulous museums and sights you really wanna see. The romantic legendary Empire State Building. New York’s stunning Museum of Modern Art. The American Museum of Natural History. Admire the skyline and Statue of Liberty from a Circle Line cruise, or take a Statue Cruise to get up close. The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s astonishing collections and galleries. Ascend 70 storeys to the Top of the Rock Observation Deck. Or discover the marvels inside Guggenheim Museum’s spiraling architecture. City Pass is simple to buy and easy to enjoy. You have nine days to use it, so stretch out the fun or concentrate the Big Apple’s best over a long weekend.

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ew York Helicopter Flight Grand Island

There’s no better way to experience the vastness of NYC than to see it by helicopter. This post we’re gonna get a taste of the Big Apple from the sky. And we’re taking off. Aha, look at this. Wow! This is an amazing way to spend a day, in New York sky. I can’t believe these views. Central Park’s below me now and I never realized it was so big. What an experience. I’m absolutely spellbound by this. We’re seeing views that people never usually see in New York. We’re flying above skyscrapers. We’ve seen the Statue of Liberty from above. My jaw is dropping. It’s a great way to see New York in such a small amount of time. It’s only been 15 minutes and I’ve already seen the Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge. I’ve gone over Jersey. I’ve gone over Central Park. I’m seeing everything. This is incredible!.

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