Cape Town in 360 – Virtual Reality

Welcome to Cape Town South Africa were you going to take you on a bit of a 360 tour of the city. So you can look left right up down, and I hope you enjoy it thank you thank you you too. So we’ve just come to an area in Cape Town called bow tap, and it’s one of the most colorful places I’ve ever seen if you look left we’ve got a blue place, and the pink blaze orange place over there such a beautiful place at Cape Town.

Cape Town in 360 – Virtual Reality Photo Gallery

So currently in South Africa walking through one of the townships hearing we have just come down to Dothan Ville which is Cape Town’s wine region, and I think we can go taste some wine that’s your pretty area this is probably the coolest winery I’ve ever been looking yeah these giant holes our rooms where you can taste your wine at the same time, and this is where they used to store the wine like barrels were too expensive they stored it in here instead. But how cool is this room – Kirsten Busch Gardens we’re currently on the tree walk canopy, and this is like one of the most beautiful spots of k-town you got Table Mountain behind us it’s a perfect spot it reminds me of Jurassic Park it does. So much. So pretty alrighty I hope this has inspired you to come, and visit the beautiful city of peak town now we’re just anything here at Table Mountain now if you’re new around here make sure you hit comment.

Because we have an exciting 360 post coming out where we work with some animals.

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