I need to give, you a bit of a backstory because, this is not normally how my vlogs go, but what happened was. I had about 10 days worth of footage on a hard drive that hard drive had a system error. And because of that.

I lost a lot of footage luckily. I was able to use a recovery software about 48 hours later. I recovered a lot of those files some of those files though were missing audio some were completely corrupt.


And some were never seen again. So for that reason. I’m gonna be filling in the gaps where.

I can with this year voiceover buckle yourselves in for what was an incredible five days in Manila. And most of all. I’m excited to be back in the Philippines let’s get into it what is up guys.

I’ve just landed here in Taipei. And. I’m actually just here for a couple hours.

I’m gonna be landing in Luzon in Manila. And probably about five hours from now, this is a bit of a travel hack that. I’ve just realized where flip-flops like not the ones that have like the thong between your toes, but the open-toed ones.

And just a pair of socks it’s so comfortable, it’s an awesome way to get around, this is how I plan to fly for the rest of my life twenty-one hours of travel and.

I’ve just arrived here in Manila Philippines and. I’ve arrived at one of my favorite places in the entire city, this is the Sofitel hotel. And.

I’m gonna be staying here for the next two nights couldn’t be more excited what the heck look at all this living space this room is insane like I’m so fortunate to be here tonight huge thank, you to the Sofitel for hosting me oh my gosh, this is amazing in about three days Jaime will be arriving here in Manila Laura will not be joining me on this trip, but luckily she’s doing some amazing things she was just in LA in Europe. And now she’s in the Cook Islands make sure to check out her stuff especially on Instagram where she’s the most current, but this will not be a solo trip luckily.

I’m being rejoined by my partner in crime Jaime Baskerville who actually did my last series with me in Peru he was such an amazing help on the last trip so. I had to extend the invite. And luckily he decided to join me here in the Philippines gonna be going off to the islands doing a lot of exploring of places that, you guys have never heard of before my goal with this trip is to find the islands.

And the places that even the Filipino people have not heard of or if they’ve heard of it they’ve never seen it themselves. I want to give these unknown islands. And opportunity to have a bit of exposure.

And show people that, you don’t always have to go to the main tourist hubs to find some incredible things, but for tonight nothing else matters other than this bed hey guys welcome from gloomy day one here in Manila, it’s a very gray overcast day, but the cool thing is, you can actually still see the blue water shining through. And we are right now on the edge of Manila. And even in the big city they still have that incredible cerulean blue water popping out today.

I’m gonna be meeting up with Daniel Marsh who’s actually one of the guys. I first met when I came to the Philippines Daniel will Haley all those crew they actually live here in Manila as, you guys probably know will is right now at home in San Francisco getting treatment, but nonetheless we will still make the most of this time here in Manila it definitely will feel like something’s missing because that’s what.

I associate most with this place the prayers. And thoughts do, you will. I hope, you well despite the gloomy weather it was time to get the day started another reason.

I love the Philippines this right here this was three US dollars. And getting here with my uber it was probably about a 15 minute drive that was also three US dollars like here is a lot more affordable one of the things. I love decided to show up her union time got a lover’s game yo welcome back welcome back tacky yeah saw him three months ago three months ago was alone it was in LA no sorry was in San Francisco and.

I was it will and, this is Brett Brett went on guys he literally lives like two. And a half hours away from me in Vancouver. So, it’s kind of random to be meeting him here in the Philippines but.

I’ve been seeing him all over like Instagram. And blog. So, it’s fine likewise likewise and.

I’ve just met another guy here, this is Lou no man. I moved here three months ago. And loving it, it’s like such a different like culture.

And environment. And you’re 16 yeah yeah magic we started that young. So right now we’re actually heading to the Makati cemetery because today is November 1st in the Philippines November 1st is known as the day of the saints sort of a remembrance or a celebration of life and.

I was really interesting because here we are spending what is basically Halloween in a cemetery. And, it’s interesting because, you see all around the world people celebrate things in different ways one of the ways the Filipino people come to celebrate the Day of the Dead the day of the saints is they come together they all have their families they’re all like in such a good mood. And they just kind of remember people that have passed on in their lives they come down here with candles with food so.

I see that all over these graves. And cemeteries are actually leaving behind everything from like apple juices to muffins. And little snacks that maybe their loved ones would have liked to have eaten at the time, it’s a very serious subject, but, you see that everyone here is being brought together whether, it’s through loss or through memories of a past person.

And, it’s really a beautiful thing to experience the Filipino people are among the kindness people in the entire world and. I’ve actually yet to find another country where. I found nicer people.

I’m just happy to be back shows us the gun show. And then he’s like 50 pesos see, you later. I’m going to get your money I’ll be back in spider-man he’s Superman alright.

So Danny what are we looking at here, this is called a tricycle that’s a very, you know very common transport option in the Philippines, it’s a, it’s a motorcycle. And a piece of metal outside of it what would, you rate the safety for this 100. I have 100 driver.

So without a doubt the best way to get around when you’re going through the Philippines is either achieve me which you’ll see later in the blog or a tricycle. And the tricycle is probably my favorite because you’re stuck inside this little rusty little metal pot, you kind of just hope that no one bumps into, you otherwise you’d be stuck in here and, you know, you just hold on that’s about it that’s all there is to taking a tricycle you’ve got fantastic airflow which is excellent. And they’re super affordable.

I think this will probably cost us around one to two US dollars hey buddy. So sixty that’s like one u.s.

dollar basically just a little more than a dollar awkward high-five the next morning it was time to go downstairs. And enjoy the world-class Sofitel breakfast buffet. So this right here is spiral.

And it is the number one ranked restaurant in all of Manila by TripAdvisor. I believe Indian French. And American breakfast after breakfast it was time to move on to the next hotel, this is Makati welcome to the brand new everything the light touches is Makati.

And yeah. I lost the room tour that clip got corrupted, but on the bright side here’s a time-lapse of my view. I knew that if.

I wanted to show the most beautiful side of Manila. I had to get to the rooftops that was my mission of the day just like last time it was time to meet Daniel at a coffee shop. So we meet again you’re like a Robocop right here get the Ruhlman, you got this big house heavy ass camera discoursing again with love estimation good visuals where we going.

And it was time to get on with the day’s mission find the best views luckily daniel works some of his magic. And one of his friends led us up onto his rooftop, this is the kind of view that gets your heartbeat going what are we going next so. I put out an Instagram story saying if anyone had a rooftop we could come visit to let me know we literally got like 50 to like 75 messages in a matter of an hour.

And a half. I found the guy who has sent me some really beautiful photos of his viewpoints. So we’re gonna head there now.

I’m great man beautiful fresh air banana traffic what more do, you need. I’ve set a time. And time again, but Instagram continues to be the best way to meet, you guys a huge thank, you to everyone that offered up your rooftops.

And especially to our new friend. And fellow vlogger Nathaniel Nathaniel even hooked Daniel and. I up with a couple of bracelets, it’s always.

So amazing meeting, you guys, it’s time to say goodbye to the Fairmont here in McCarthy, it’s been an unbelievable stay, but it is now time to go four floors up to the Raffles Makati it seems. So fancy Oh dining area oh my gosh, this is like a dream home insane. I just checked into the Raffles Makati, this is probably.

I think, this is the nicest hotel in the entire country. And like everything about it is just. So immaculate.

I feel. So swanky right now. I’m standing on self what did, you say African basically.

I don’t belong here. And the ceilings, you could fit a giant in here I’m so thankful, this is unbelievably beautiful.

And right in the entrance here or Mecca home later that day. I walked across the street went into Greenbelt mall. And got a haircut for five dollars for only five dollars.

I have gained control over the main, this is a Gil hey. And later that night mr. Marsh joined me for an espresso LeBlanc residence oh, you got a new camera hello hey, you done where’s high five ever could.

I interest, you in in an espresso oh my god my friend yes. I would love it expressive ravishing a refreshing hot expresso on a cold winter’s day in Manila. So a land or.

I believe. So what some 11 o’clock. I don’t know, it’s a brand of expensive coffee.

I see. And that’s an expensive coffee machine, it’s nothing, but the best for the Blanc. And Marsh it sounds like an accounting from a Martian of luck ever since.

I very good where’s your Butler look at this thing how do, you what the heck they actually gave me a little briefing on how to use it but I wasn’t really listening to it. I think.

I know how to do this. I assume this will go here yes oh, it’s magnetic oh nothing, but the best for a live long yes of course. I expected that mm-hmm seems like broken machines then, this is definitely not how, it’s done leave it to the master.

I’m closer to England than, you anyway yeah, you shut it. I think, you gotta squeeze it, it’s definitely supposed to go we got a reverse-engineered issue. So what if you open it maybe, it’s inside we’re celebrating no it is oh no oh, you just disposed ah reminds to edit oh yeah anyway go continue yes there we go there we go well it must not be plugged in dude we only got like one we only got like two coffees Nev sorry today’s vlog is how to use them the Marengo the mango.

I don’t in, you comment down below in the comments if you know how to turn on the Marengo that is how, you make coffee with leblanc. And marsh transition gonna go downstairs. And.

I’m meeting with Jacko delay on he lives here in Manila and. So we’re gonna go grab some drinks we’re going to a place called Belle. And Dragon.

I’m excited to get a drink, but what. I’m really excited about is to show, you how to get into the bar because, it’s really something very unique Southeast Asia whether it is dry one second. And pouring the next good idea before we get hit by a car very dark okay.

So the last part was cool because, you came through a closet, but to be honest that’s kind of where the cool factor kind of ended it wasn’t really for me all they served was whiskey. I’m not big on whiskey, but luckily Jacko knows of another cool place that sign says it all right there bacon burger this way please, you bastard, but inside is called ABV, it’s called alcohol by volume so. I just got back to the hotel it was awesome to catch up with Jaco.

And in about 15 minutes Jamie should be arriving he’s alive welcome dude. So that right there is what my first five days in the philippines look like a lot of incredible luxury stays amazing friends a lot of catching up. And most of all just getting ready for what will be an incredible trip through the country i’m.

So excited to share with, you guys what has happened up to this point because some of the craziest vlogs have ever created are coming very soon Wi-Fi dependent now if you’re planning to come to the philippines. I’ve actually made an entire travel guide it’ll help, you travel through Cebu. And palawan or decide which one’s best for, you if you want to check out the five hot tips to the Philippines click on that bubble right there.

And if you’re new to my blog well then hit that comment button right up there. So that you’re notified when the next Philippines post is posted because there’s an incredible island hopping. And a lot more adventures to come.

So without further ado let’s get lost again in the next one. ?

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