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Hey guys I have now been traveling, and on the road for quite a while helping up I’ve been traveling again okay I’ve been travelling for almost 11 months now. So almost a year I did a packing post a while ago. But I don’t consider it very good, and yeah I was kind of just starting my blog, and I really don’t recommend you go watch it I try to travel pretty lightly I have a pretty small backpack I just find that traveling minimally really works out for the best in pretty much well pretty much every scenario it’s gotten a little harder now that I have more posting equipment. But the shots are worth it when I made my last post not only did I not know how to make posts at all. But I hadn’t even left for my trip yet, and I had really traveled or backpacked ever before. So what I was taking was largely based on reading other packing posts here on looking at travel blogs they’d have specific numbers for everything I definitely don’t do that anymore, I’m constantly changing like what I have with me you can’t really get too attached to stuff while you’re on the road now I don’t follow any specific numbers like 5 of this to this 10 of these not at all I just kind of have what I have, and yeah this is my stuff that I actually travel with.

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So I hope that you’ll find this post useful before I really show you everything that I travel with, and all my stuff let me show you what my stuff goes in this is my backpack it is a Tom bin aeronaut 30. So it is a 30 liter backpack for those of you that don’t know 30 liters is pretty small a lot of people choose to travel with 40 50 60 or more liter backpacks I think that 40 50 is a good size it is an awesome backpack, and it’s what I’ve been traveling with for the last 11 months I don’t know if you can tell how small it is that’s it like level with me. So it’s not very big when you’re traveling one of the things that takes up the most room are clothes these are all the clothes that I travel with seven pairs of shirts oh wait eight I travel with eight pairs of shirts. Because, I’m wearing a shirt anyway um I have three tank tops I really like tank tops, and then these three are short sleeve shirts this is my long sleeve a pair of like black jeans they’re yoga pants I do have one dress. Because sometimes it’s just nice to go out to biz with shorts. Because I love wearing shorts men I am wearing a pair of like black leggings this is my packing cube which has in it bikinis underwear feminine products. But I don’t think you need to see those I am 2 pairs of shoes my first pair are these they are I guess like sneakers running shoes my flip-flops look they are ready to go.

But I know I just really like them I got them in Santorini the next category is makeup beauty, I’ll think of a name for it ok well that’s the next category, and it’s one that, I’m never really super excited to talk about, I’m not going to lay everything out don’t want to be talking about all the makeup I have this bag has pretty much everything it has makeup which I don’t have a lot of um little toothpaste mmm laser yeah stuff like that besides all the makeup, and usual um stuff I have like face wipes a hairbrush a toothbrush this line braces pretty big bag contacts. Because I have super bad vision, and if I don’t have my contacts then um you know I don’t know I would be like in front of the Great Pyramid, and not even be able to see it pretty much these are my glasses even though I never wear them. Because they give me a headache that’s my beauty health stuff this isn’t really in a category. But this is my purse or my little day bag inside here is like essential essential stuff passport credit card money phone well I have a lot of text normally my g7x would be in here. But that’s their electronics um I do a lot of photography posting I work on lines oh electronics are huge to me these are all of the electronics that I travel with I use a Apple MacBook Air a pocket charger adapters for walls headphones phone charger. So many chargers lens cap this is my 7d the posting, and photos that it takes are just amazing the card reader memory cards here you can never have enough of those there are more inside the cameras charger for the 7d the charger for the g7x is over there see it. Because the batteries decided to die while I spy mungus post.

So, I’m just like always charging them this is 70 extra battery this is a little mini tripod it is like the cheapest flimsiest tiny little tripod ever. But it has been. So useful I think I got it for like $3 at Best Buy these little hard drives are super cool. Because as you can see they are so small I have two of those. So yeah those are my electronics that I travel with now for the kind of miscellaneous, and random stuff that I bring with me I think that one of the most random things I travel with that probably no one else travels with is this nutmeg, and cinnamon mixed together I know it’s pretty strange of me to travel with this. But I just love nutmeg, and cinnamon in my coffee, and it doesn’t take up that much room right coffee shops I am just like sprinkling my own nutmeg onto the coffee, and looking absolutely crazy. But it’s so good goggles these goggles let me see underwater hope that’s obvious I don’t even know where this was.

But this is a drawing that I did it was just too good to throw away. So I kept it a small change thing an umbrella it just. So happened that for the week that I was traveling through Portugal it was like crazy storms, and flooding literally trees in the river we’re like up to the tops with water. So that’s where I got this I always always travel with a book right now I am reading Lonesome Dove I don’t know why I chose this book to travel with. Because look at it my old journal this is like the first five months of my travels this is the journal that, I’m writing in now I got this in Kyrgyzstan, and it’s the best now, I’m going to show you me packing all of that stuff into my little backpack hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I travel with, and kind of a little insight into my life as a minimalist traveler a traveling light kind of travel light person like my name sense, I’ll see you soon, and thanks for reading bye.

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