Top Travel Destinations Venezuela

Top Travel Destinations Venezuela

“How did this come about?”, you wonder, having come to believe that we were a model couple. We were to a large extent; but, they say situations or “circumstances after cases”.

In a nutshell, we had bought a three storey building at the corner of Lansdowne and Bloor streets in Toronto; refurbished the top floor; and, with a partner, held weekend dances there.

A church sold it to us for CAB$300,000. It could have fetched CAN$500,000. Besides, it financed the purchase by granting us three mortgages.

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A friend of a friend was hired to be the doorman. He idolized Barbara; and, she decided to leave me for him. I explained this to her; but, she said she could not hurt his feelings. I guess that she felt that I could ride it out.

I did not; so, I left Toronto in June as soon as the school year ended; but, we kept in touch. Over the five years that followed, she asked me to reconsider reuniting; but, her terms and conditions were not favourable; she was still with the guy; and, in any case, I had come to enjoy and appreciate being home with my parents, siblings and their families.

Then, she divorced me; and, the rest is, that some months after returning to Anguilla, I found myself in a great relationship with a nice lady, one year older than me, with whom I had a great life until her older sons broke us up five years later.

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